Be part of my first PC Build!

Update posted by John A On Sep 30, 2017


Thank you so much for this! I'll never get these without you guys!
Thank you!
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Update posted by John A On Sep 01, 2017

I'm so excited that I need to post an update! That is all.

Thank you all for the support! I'll never get to this point without you guys. ❤

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Update posted by John A On Aug 20, 2017

Someone has generously given us parts we need to upgrade our PC!

Big ups to ThierryIsAble on Discord for supplying these!

And because of that, I only need $6 or more to buy an 8GB DDR4 RAM!

Donate here or drop it via paypal!

Thank you so much for all the support!

I love you guys, and I'll be grateful for all he support!

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Update posted by John A On Aug 14, 2017

My PC just came back. And I think it's time to address this with a major price cut that's going to be implemented soon.

What's going to happen to this campaign, now that the old PC is fixed?

The campaign will still be active, and I really want to upgrade to a Ryzen PC. And because I got my old PC as well, I'm going to salvage the data of my old HDD (aka the only thing that matters on my old build with all the WIPs and FL Plugins that I have) and I'm going to move them to a 1TB HDD, and only you can achieve the dream.

What exactly did you mean by "Adjustments"?

A friend will give me a really long-life PSU, A GPU (FINALLY A GRAPHICS CARD, HYPE!) and a cooler. So I only need a new MoBo, Ryzen 3, some 8GB RAM, a 1TB HDD, and a stable power strip.

And if possible, a new case.

This will be reflected to the new stretch goal and the PCPartPicker link very very soon.

Thanks for all the support! It really helps a lot. :)

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Update posted by John A On Aug 06, 2017

The original plan was for you guys to get something from me in return, since we recently got listed and the support has been truly strong so far.

Apparently, it's not that affordable to get two Nintendo Switches alongside a $600+ PC for $1100. I was proven wrong from the start, since a switch is now at $499, as opposed to $299.

One is supposed to be for me, the other I would give away to one lucky backer. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Since I need $1600 for a PC and two switches.

I was about to make a video on this, and apparently I was banned on for planning this project before I could even launch it.

I am sorry that I couldn't give something in return for all this support, but it makes me sad.

Although I still have lots of Steam Keys to give away since I bought lots of bundles from BundleStars.

Maybe that would work?

Although I would like a Switch too... So maybe that would still work? Who knows? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Update posted by John A On Jul 30, 2017

I'm so hype!

Thank you so much for our second backer, Florian Wirth for donating $20 for this!

You guys don't know how hype I am. This is insane!

Thank you so much!

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Update posted by John A On Jul 28, 2017

I am HYPED that finally, Ryzen 3 has been released on the market!

Which means, I can finally decrease the funds needed with a value of a hundred dollars! That's insane!

And also, we got our first backer!

Thank you Anon for donating $30 for this. I will ensure that the funds will never go to waste, and I'll update you guys as we go through this journey. Thank you!

New link for the PC Parts needed, now with Ryzen 3 equipped:

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Update posted by John A On Jul 25, 2017

the stretch goal was changed from a solid 700 USD to 720+ USD. this was to factor in some cheaper but better hardware changes and a legitimate copy of Windows.

You can click this link to check the PC Parts that will be bought during this campaign:

Thank you guys!

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Backed with $25.00 On Aug 28, 2017



Backed with $60.00 On Aug 05, 2017



Backed with $20.00 On Jul 30, 2017



Backed with $30.00 On Jul 27, 2017

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