Kannouta: Tunisian film project -Why we take the boats!

Update posted by Margarete Twenhoeven and Zied Ben Taleb On Sep 29, 2016

Dear friends and "Kannouta" supporters.

It's the last 3 days of the crowdfunding 🙂 and yes, there is still some money missing.
If you still have some ideas about where to spread it... Now it's the last chance.


According to my experience, Facebook is not the best way for this kind of campaign, it brings hundreds of likes, but people seldom take the time to have a close look.

Anyway I made a Kannouta facebook page.


I hope through it you can stay updated about the film even after the end of this campaign.
There we will post where and when we are projecting the film or when we apply at a festival.
If you want to organize a projection or know about a nice festival let us know.
I'm glad that soon we can think about more nice and more important things than money.

As you probably noticed I lowered the goal of the crowdfunding. That is because of the funds we got from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and from Borderline Europe.
At this crowdfunding page that I chose we get the money even so the goal is not reached, so don't worry, every Euro you supported the project with was already used for the finalization of this film.

I hope in this last days we will be able to raise enough money to pay the debts but I'm mainly looking forward to start projecting the movie and hear about your suggestions!


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Update posted by Margarete Twenhoeven and Zied Ben Taleb On Aug 20, 2016

“SAHA KANNOUTA!!!” The Film is ready!!! I just saw it the first time complete with music and everything. –I was touched. Even so I saw the raw version of cause already one million times.

We would like to clink glasses with everyone that made this project possible. Thanks a lot to all friends that supported us, and also to “Borderline Europe” and the “Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung”.

But we also prolonged the time for the crowd funding champagne. Because there is of cause still stuff to pay :) First of all subtitles to different languages….

As promised everyone how funded the project is mentioned in the end titles. Persons that will support us finically in the next two weeks can still be added to the list. By then we need to have the finial final version.

Greetings from Athens Maggie

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Update posted by Margarete Twenhoeven and Zied Ben Taleb On Jul 01, 2016

A big big “Thank You” to all people that supported the production of the film “Kannouta” until now!!!

The crowd funding campaign is running now since two weeks, and almost 900 persons shared the link of the campaign on their face book wall. And even more liked it. Friends from all over the world contacted us to congratulate us to the project or give some feedback.

20 Persons supported us until now financially. Thanks to You we could go already some important steps in the direction of finalizing the film. For example hear u can see the poster of the film “Kannouta”.

Also thanks to You we could start the translation of the film into English.

Some more info’s about our campaign and how works the side “gogetfunding”: At this crowd funding page, it is not necessary, like at a lot of other pages to collect the full amount or you lose all. No the money goes directly to our account, that’s why we could use the money that reached us already to go on with the project.

So even when there are still hole 50 days to go until the end of the campaign, if you are thinking about supporting the project there is no need to wait. Even we still have the slight hope to be able to celebrate the premiere of the film at the No Border camp in Greece in two weeks. The organizers expect thousand of activist from Europe and the world so would be an amazing place to start presenting the film.


And last but not least, technical problems: If you are facing technical problems with sending the money, pleas don’t hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution.

A big Thanks from Tunis,


link to the campaign:https://gogetfunding.com/kannouta-tunisian-film-pr...

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