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About Serena

My sister, Serena Ahmad, is a young woman who recently graduated from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law with her Juris Doctorate degree. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with minors in Pre-Law, Political Science and Philosophy. She is incredibly compassionate and volunteers using her legal repertoire to actively protect those who are vulnerable. For example, Serena helped Native American families write wills that meet the complex legal standards required to disburse their land and assets to younger generations to prevent forced sales. Serena also has done extraordinary work for a local animal shelter where she foster parented traumatized animals until they could find a permanent home.

Unfortunately, Serena finds herself in tremendous legal trouble. She was involved in a deadly shooting and is facing the most serious charges in the law. This incident, and these charges are completely misaligned with the compassionate and caring person we all know Serena to be.

What Your Donations Will Be Used For

We immediately hired a highly qualified local attorney for Serena's defense. Kathryn J. Stimson and her firm Stimson Stancil LaBranche Hubbard, are bringing significant experience and a total commitment to the investigation and defense of Serena’s case. They have already initiated substantial efforts in terms of private investigation, legal review, and forensic analysis of the important aspects of Serena’s case. The reality is that we have already spent many thousands of dollars in the first two weeks of what will be a long and expensive legal defense effort. We expect that the ongoing and comprehensive legal representation will become quite expensive.

All monetary support provided will be used directly to pay these attorney fees.

Should additional funds be received beyond the attorney’s fees, we will allocate the money towards expenses that are solely incurred on behalf of Serena's defense, such as flights for her relatives and friends from around the world to attend her trial and provide emotional support for Serena.

Your donations, no matter how small, will have a tremendous impact on Serena’s ability to fight for her innocence. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by Serena, her family, and her friends.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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