Justice for Rita our beloved mother and grandmother lost her home lost her life, GET HIM OUT!!

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My darling mother Rita, died of a heart attack, on recently her only home, was built in cyprus, she had rented it out, The 'agent' in Cyprus gave her 24 hours to fly over to sign the agreement, after an all night flight she was collected and rushed to her house, where people where already waiting outside with vans, she was given a contract and was pressured to sign it, the contract was unfair and written by the tenant, she was then driven to the electric and water board to change these into the name of the new tennant.

she watched as they stuffed all of her personal belongings into the spare bedroom, she had no time to collect keys or any personal paperwork, she was allowed to pack a suitcase with a few clothes.

She wanted to take photographs of her things furniture but the man that the only name we have for him, said that they had to hurry and move everything as now she signed the contract it was no longer her house.

After the contract expired, mum asked them to leave however the man and his partner did not leave, mum rang them up and begged for them to leave, at the time of writing mum is owed over 8 months rent; We have no idea if this money will ever be paid, and if they find out mum is dead, it will be even harder to make them leave. Cyprus tennant law takes years to resolve.

Mums legal battle has been going on for 2 years now, imagine that stress at her age. because she did not have a home in the UK, she relied on friends and family to house her when she visited the UK, the stress of dealing with the court case in Cyprus meant that she was often in distress and worried all the time, she had heart surgery on Christmas Eve in 2017. We thought that she would be ok, but she died at her grandsons home last week, after collapsing in the bathroom. Mum was a kind and generous soul and tried to help people she had a happy go lucky mentality, and still had so many years ahead of her. She often went past her house in Cyprus and banged on the locked gate, but the tenants that lived there would not let mum even see her house or furniture or garden with out a court order.


Our mother was a strong woman, she was single minded, she did exactly what she wanted to do.

She would not allow her children to get involved with any eviction process and relied on the Cypriot courts, she spent most of her pension on paying court fees and lawyers, thinking each time there was a court hearing that she would get her home back. however the Cypriot courts are notoriously slow, she began the case to get her home back in November 2016, having paid thousand of euro to lawyers in cyprus. The cyprus court is currently still hearing cases from 2012 ( according to her lawyers) we estimate there is another year or so left for a legal conclusion.


We are a family of 3 children, and her grandchildren are 4, after we bury my darling mama, we are planning to go to Cyprus to legally challenged and get back her home, its a secret mission, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!! we need your donations now . Our mother wanted nothing more than to see her home again, her garden and her things, the tenant did not allow this.

Our mother died with little money, the funeral is expensive, and subsequent costs associated with it. We her family are covering the funeral costs, which means who don't have enough money to pay for the Cyprus mission ourselves,

The Crusade

8 of us will be flying out to Cyprus, her 3 children, and her grandchildren.

we have no where to stay and we need all to pay air fare.

Any money raised from this campaign, will go towards the following

1) Lawyers and court fees

2) Accommodation for the family

3) Air fare to get us all out to Cyprus and back ( we may need to go several times)

4) To plant a tree in Cyprus and here in remembrance for our momma

We are asking friends and family, to help us rise the money needed so we can book accommodation and flights to Cyprus, we aim to leave soon after the funeral if we can raise the money. We may have some on going legal costs, we estimate that at least one or two of us will need to remain in Cyprus till we get the job done! obviously and will need to take time off work.

if you were thinking of sending or bringing flowers to the funeral, please be assured the best thing we can do in memory of my beautiful mother is to get her house back in Cyprus.

She wanted nothing more than to see us all there together and in Harmony.

I was very hesitant in starting this campaign but simply we do not have enough money to be able to fly off to a foreign country without any family support and nowhere to stay. Being a believer in helping others i have contributed to many crowd funding campaigns myself, where the power of the collective makes things happen. My dear mother is calling out for justice, will you join us in spirit and make a donation.

'Fate whispers to the warrior, "You cannot withstand the storm'', and the warrior whispers back, "I am the storm".



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Aug 20

accommodation donated

Update posted by sophia Hava at 08:29 am

we have now secured accommodation for your mission to Cyprus, we would like to pass our thanks to those who have come through for us.

See update

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