Judy’s Fight for Life

Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Aug 14, 2017

On November 29, 2016, Judy's oncologist, ICU staff, and very dear friends helped made it clear to me that Judy's kidneys were failing. On top of the way cancer had already ravaged her body, I had to face the reality that Judy was suffering, from MRSA sepsis, with no further hope of recovery.

Being bedridden for the past year had already been a nightmare for Judy. I couldn't force her to endure surviving within that tortured body any longer, especially since the cancer had been also damaging her brain.

Regardless of the doctors' opinions, Judy survived, without life support, for almost 13 hours, before she finally passed on. She was accompanied by her closest friends, Weda, and Vanessa. She is survived by our mother, and me, her sister, as well as many cousins.

My sincere thanks to all who donated money, time, prayers, or good wishes for Judy, and her family

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Nov 22, 2016

I must apologise for not updating, or doing better with this page. But cancer is a horrible roller coaster of emotions, for all of us.

Judy has been in and out of hospital every couple of months, but in general, she was doing fairly well. Her cancer markers were down quite a bit, her blood counts showed near healthy levels, and her bones were healing fairly well. She had been bed bound for al out a year, but she was making progress there as well. She was able to sit on the side of the bed without support, and she was able to tolerate being in a special wheelchair for a few hours every couple of days.

But last week Judy had to be taken to hospital with sepsis. They were able to control the infection rather quickly, but in the process they found a blood clot in her lung, and leg. She has also been experiencing severe swelling to the point that her skin was blistering, and weeping fluid. Her lymph nodes are very swollen, and the doctors are trying to bring that down, but it's difficult, and hard on her heart. She also has some cancer in her liver.

The bright part is that Judy's attitude is improving. Some of the doctors, and nurses are very practical, and have pushed Judy to make a Living Will, something she cannot face. She's managed to come around since I told them to leave her alone about it.

Please continue to pray, and keep good thoughts for us. As some parts of Judy's treatment is not covered by insurance, any financial assistance will be sincerely appreciated

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Feb 04, 2016

I apologise for not updating more quickly. I spent almost a month during this past November and December in Florida, staying with wonderful friends who have been supporting our family through this very difficult time. Words cannot express my gratitude toward Ken and Weda, they truly are angels!

When I arrived, Judy did not recognise me, and was clearly delerious. She had physically wasted so badly that I could see her skin sag between the bones of her forearms. Cancer treatments had stopped. She was not eating and had torn out her IV's, so was getting no medication or nutrition. They offered to put in a stomach tube, but considering her state, the doctors and I agreed that it was too dangerous. I could not argue when the doctors suggested that I take her to hospice. Crushed, I was certain I would be burying my sister before Christmas.

Within days of moving to hospice, Judy began to make an amazing recovery. After just a few days of careful feeding and the superb TLC given by friends and hospice professionals, Judy began feeding herself. In just over two weeks she was much more coherent, and strong enough to be moved. When asked where she wanted to go, she insisted on rehab - "I want to live!" It was a little challenging to find a facility that would take such a "hopeless case" into rehab.

On New Year's Eve, Judy was rushed back to hospital with a severe kidney infection. The next day she had an emergency procedure to clear kidney stones that had stopped one kidney from draining at all. The kidney was badly inflamed, Judy had gone septic, and she developed pneumonia. But after just over two weeks, most spent in intensive care, Judy rallied again, and was sent back to rehab.

Now, just three weeks later, Judy is moving her feet again, completely clear headed, and sitting up in a wheelchair for over an hour. She has been setting her own follow up appointments, and going back to her Oncologist to resume cancer treatments.

Doctors or nurses have not been able to explain to me how her broken ribs have healed, considering the bone cancer. She is still living with at least one broken hip. They are not the only ones confused and amazed by Judy's recovery so far.

Please continue to pray and support Judy financially as you can. Her ongoing treatment is expensive, but we are happy she's still with us. Thank you all very much for your kind wishes and support

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Nov 22, 2015

I'm just not sure how this is going. Judy spent a day in ICU because her heartbeat became unstable. She has also developed some very serious infections. One conversation leads me to believe she could live, the next wants to know how quickly I can get there. I have already given DNR orders as I'm sure that resuscitation measures would be too traumatic for my sister to survive.

Her bones are so weak and brittle that her second hip was broken last week, during her move into ICU. I have asked them to continue to treat her as best they can with the medications. She is on three strong antibiotics for the infections. None of this looks good at all. I know miracles do happen, but right now I am just praying to be able to hold her hand and tell her I love her one more time before she passes on.

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Nov 13, 2015

This past Wednesday, as Judy was getting back into bed, her legs gave out on her. In accordance with hospital evaluations, she was strong enough to be out of bed with only one aide. Unfortunately, when her legs gave out, the aide was only able to break her fall and let her slide to the floor. Unfortunately one of her legs twisted as she slid down. She was in such excruciating pain that once they got her into bed she threw everyone out of the hospital room and called me in hysterics. After about 45 minutes calming her down and getting her side of the story, I called her nurse and discussed the situation with her. Once she understood Judy's fear that she had broken another bone, she called the doctor and arranged for an x-ray. The doctor increased Judy's pain medication, but there was no break apparent on the x-ray, so it seemed that she had injured soft tissue.

Thursday, the 12th of November was Judy's birthday. It was difficult, but her spirits were pretty good in the morning. She had her radiation treatment and physical therapy right afterward. I spoke to her as the physical therapist was trying to get her comfortable in bed again. Unfortunately, it wasn't working well. She was very upset and sore, and it was impossible for her to get comfortable. But eventually the Judy got too tired to tolerate any more pain of moving. I spoke to her a while longer, encouraging her to eat, drink, and take a nap. When I spoke with her again at about 7pm (midnight my time) she was very irritable and in pain. The doctor had ordered another x-ray farther down her leg. I did what I could to walk her through breathing exercises and calm her, but I was not very successful.

Friday morning I spoke with Judy and she was again in pain and very irritable. Apparently the new x-ray showed a break in the femur Now we're waiting for an orhtopedic surgeon and someone to try to teach her some guided visualization so maybe she can help herself a little more as well.

We have no idea how the radiation is working so far, but apparently we have a little way to go before her bones harden up again. Please keep on praying!

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Nov 10, 2015

I think it's easy enough to see how exhausted she is from the pain. That's the best smile her friend was able to get out of her. She finds the radiation treatments to be terribly painful, and she's so weak that her legs are next to useless. If you look at her right clavicle, just by the black cord, you can see one of the bone tumors. She's having a difficult time holding onto the hope, but she's not alone. Won't you please help Judy know that there are more people supporting her than she realizes?

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Update posted by Mary Pat Redgate Kinhart On Oct 17, 2015

Well, Judy had to go into the hospital yesterday because her legs have gotten so painful, weak and unresponsive that she was not able to get out of the wheelchair at all. She was afraid that more bones had broken, but fortunately they didn't find any more breaks on the X-rays.

She is having difficulties with the medications - not chemo., just pain meds. So she's not able to eat or drink much without getting sick. So she's on an IV, but still doing her best to eat lightly and keep what she eats.

She is weak and slept poorly. She's very unhappy about being away from her pets, but fortunately a friend and neighbor can watch them for a couple of days.

Things are not looking good right now, but the one really big thing that Judy has going for her is her outlook and fighting spirit.

Please keep her in your prayers and help with a donation if you can.

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