Yonas – the kitten fighting with death!

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Yonas - the kitten fighting with death!

Yonas is only 7 months old, but life made him face with one of the most horrible trials, namely the fight with death.
It was an ordinary July evening when I found the kitten Yoni, scared and wandering the streets.
Despite the large number of animals I take care of, my heart wouldn't let me leave him when I heard his baby cry echoing in the neighborhood ..
And just when I was sure Yoni was ready to find his warm home and a loving family, our lives turned upside down..
At the end of November, I noticed that he had lost weight and was quite low-spirited. On the evening of November 23, he refused to eat, and at the same time his stomach was firm and swollen. The next day I took him to the Central Veterinary Clinic - Sofia. After the examination, it was found that Yonas had a temperature of 40 °C, was severely dehydrated and had jaundice. He was immediately hospitalized and put on systems.
A bunch of tests followed..
He was tested for:
- FeliD-3 Ag test (FPV/FCoV/Giardia) - negative
- Corona Virus Antibody (positive)
- Ultrasound (which showed the presence of free fluid in the abdomen)
- Full Haematology and Biochemistry Profile
The following examinations were also carried out and sent to the German laboratory Laboclin:
- Toxoplasma Antibodies (negative)
- Feline haemotrophic Mycopalsma PCR (negative)
- Coronavirus PCR (test for FIP - Feline Infectious Peritonitis) - positive
- Total protein and A/G ratio ( Albumin/ Globulin )
Yonas was diagnosed with a wet form of FIP.
In the fastest possible way I had to find GS-441524 vials, which are the only salvation for him.
The duration of the treatment is 84 days. Yonas was injected with the first dose on December 2, 2020. Today 17.01.2021 we are already on the 47th day since the beginning of the treatment, we have 37 days left.
Words cannot describe the difference between his initial and current condition. The first few days it looked as if he had lost the life sparkle, as if he had surrendered... While the others were jumping and playing around him, he was just lying there, lying languid, and it seemed as though life was slowly slipping away from his fragile paws ..
It was taking him about half an hour to eat 2 teaspoons of wet food, then he was going to bed again and was beginning to breathe heavily .. I was dying of fear of losing him..
After the fifth / sixth injection, he halved his meal time and began to show interest in dry food, which he had previously flatly refused.
Have you ever seen a kitten cry? I hadn't until I saw the tears running down his eyes as he struggled to chew the tiny granule. With each passing day, he began to eat more and more. He began to gain weight gram by gram and started paying attention to the world around him. In that moment I saw a ray of hope and realized that I would fight tooth and nail and go through hell if necessary, but I would not let him lose this battle. So from 2,160 kg at the beginning, at the moment Yoni weighs 3,520 kg, jumps and plays. People say that cats suffering from FIP become antisocial because of the pain they feel while receiving the injections, but it is the opposite with him. He became the most loving kitten.
Within a month Yoni has gained more than 1 kg, which makes me extremely happy, but at the same time makes the treatment impossible for me, as the daily dose is calculated based on the daily weight . Nearly 22/23 vials will be needed for the whole course of treatment. The price of one vial is $ 75 and it lasts for 3 days and a bit. There are 37 more days left until the end of the treatment. I don't know what I will do, because I don't have the opportunity to supply the vials..
In addition, the hospitalization, treatment and tests at the clinic from 24.11 to 02.12 are worth BGN 980, of which I still have to pay BGN 400.
But as I have said, I will go through hell if I have to, but I will not give up and I will not betray him!
Shortly after we started Yonas' treatment, another one of my kittens Maslinka (Olive) was given the same diagnosis, but unfortunately her fragile body could not fight back and she passed away... without even saying goodbye ... this devastated me, shattered my soul to pieces ...
And then I promised myself that he would live, he would live for her and he would carry her in his heart forever!
That is why I am turning to you with a huge appeal for help!

Help us finish together what we started, let's not take away the hope and the spark in his eyes, let's show him how beautiful the world can be. He is still a baby, a baby who is yet to experience the joy of life and will understand that among us humans there are angels, angels who will be devotedly beside him in his trial till the end!


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