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Hi my name is Jacques and I thank you for reading my page.

I started running in 2017 and really enjoyed it and it became a great passion for me.I loved the camaraderie amongst runners and the encouragement from supporters next to the road especially when things is getting tuff towards the end of a long race.

It was during one of these long practice runs on a desolate Free State road in South Africa that I realized that doing this for myself is fun but I can do some good in the world by running for a charity a thing that many of us runners do.

I started looking for a charity but could not find anything that hit the spot. Even though there are a lot of good charity's I found nothing which I can resonate with. So I hit a dead end.

Then one night a very good friend who I haven't seen for 8 years phoned to see how I was .Suddenly a idea came into my head why not run the New York marathon and visit my friend at the same time. After doing some research I found out that because of the popularity of the race I only have a 15% of getting an entry.

I started think of a plan B and this is where my relationship with shoe4africa began.I found out that if I joined there team and raise donations of $3000 they could give me a guaranteed entry to the NYC marathon as they are a charity partner and this is one of the ways they raise funds to keep doing the awesome work like building a children's cancer hospital in Kenya.

There are hundreds of charity partners but I chose shoe4africa because of there work ethic (100%) of donations go to the cause and because it hit home- being an African I know the hardship these people are going through I can see it in my hometown and poverty is a part of live here and I want to make a difference maybe just a small one but I want to make a contribution.

So If you want to help me run the NYC marathon and reunite with a old friend and at the same time help us in our efforts to save lives and build this children's hospital the help us with a donations it can be big or small every little helps.

I am very excited to run the world's biggest marathon on behalf of shoe4africa and together we can make a difference.

I thank you kindly


For more information visit shoe4africa.org-Jacques NYC marathon.


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