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Masters Of War

Just imagine a game where you can feel like you are in medieval tavern. Imagine the table which is driven by energetic crystals. And his only job is to recreate the battlefield between you and your opponent.

You will get some figures at the beginning, all of them(depending of strength) will have their own uniqueness and rareness. We will make heroes and cards until we run out of ideas. All of the heroes with unique abilities and cards that match his nature or just himself gives possibility to laying endless amount of tactics and combinations. In addition there are buildings, siege machines and monsters. All of this just to help you destroy enemy castle. That’s exactly project Masters Of War!

Stop imagining. How it works?

You are creating an account on our platform and you automatically gains FREE access to download Masters Of War. When you log in(you sign up on board in front of the tavern) your character enter inside. Because no one has ever seen you there, Barman greets you with enthusiasm as a new client and asks who are you. At this moment you can configure look of your character and makes from default something completely unique, at the same time you give the name, under which you will perform.

From that moment you are also in the ranking. You are beeing asked “Why you are visiting us?”. You can also buy a soup and eat with peace. But you decide to buy memory crystal, on which your game map will be saved.
As a bonus you gets basic deck with 4 heroes and newbie chest from which you will get 3 random heroes and cards for them. You can now go to the table and start planning your map. The basic buildings are Castle, village, palisade, stable and barracks. The map is divided into hexagonal fields, all heroes from figures occupies one field, and as for buildings, it depends on the type and extent of expansion. Your deck, which you can also set before the game, is made out of 6 heroes and 30cards. Beware, because at the beginning you have only 7 heroes, and death any of them during the game will cause destroy his figure, it means that the figure is unusable. You can fix figures with reduced statistics and the status of “Reconstruction”, but at the beginning when you have only 7 of them and if you lost two, you will be unable to play anymore and you will lost crystal dust that is used for Reconstrucion. You can earn dust from chests which you are getting every monday, or by winning the game. The hero may emerge from one of your villages during a game.

We focus on the climate

Do not expect NPCs to treat you well if you just start. Nobody likes you there, you did not deserve respect as a player. It also works when you use some cheap tricks on the table. During the game, the observing bots will actively comment and, depending on the level of respect, support you or your opponent. With the development of your gameplay style and winning games you will be treated more and more like a "regular customer", which also means a greater chance of getting a gift (bonus box) from a stranger. We are also planning a Smoke Aristocrat and a mini mission to give him a bonus so that no one will notice. Admittedly, when you are properly treated, no one will even pay attencion at your little theft. You can also listen to stories from the world from the traveler. In a word, you can also play outside the table.

Project budget

The equipment needed to create a ready game at a decent pace will consume 15 thousand PLN. There are three of us, everyone works on an outdated computer. I do not conceal that this significantly limits our capabilities (When, for example, I work on textures for more than two hours and the project turns off because of too little RAM). We also do not want equipment from the top shelf, because it is too expensive. I will not be bored here with full technical specifications, but if someone wants to get to know them, ask [email protected] - I will answer as soon as possible. In addition to computers, we would like to buy one solid microphone (each character must finally get a voice!) Our suggestion: Link to the microphone

Canon's reflex camera for creating your own textures is also a cost of about 2 thousand. PLN and I'm talking about used equipment here. Same as the Motion Capture recording suit.

Next we have the question of software:



Cost(one year license )

Autodesk Maya


7 729,91 PLN*

Autodesk 3DS Max


7 729,91 PLN*

Substance Annual Plan


7 140.28 PLN*

Assets and mini software


Estimated 3-6tys. zł

*I checked the price at the time of writing the text(07.06.2018)

Software for creating graphics costs about 23 thousand. PLN / year (counting only three working persons).

In summary, it is about PLN 45-50 thousand. Assuming this collection is successful, we are able to start alpha testing for six months. Where, then, the budget of PLN 80,000? We must focus only on creation and nothing else. So the cost also applies to our board, maintenance and office rent.

If you would like to help us, we have announced on our Facebook contest a link to the competition

We will also soon publish a project website where you can create an account that will be able to participate in the tests.


Hey guys, welcome to our Irith Community! For your priceless support you'll get a chest with a figurine of a random hero with the patron skin.

Wait! You're not welcome yet in our tavern, so you'd better not approach that guy sitting beside the stairs… Just kidding. Thank you very much for your support! For that much you'll get 2 chests: 1 with a random patron skin for one of the heros and the second one with skin for a siege engine!

One pint on the house, just for you! Beside the prizes from the previous threshold you're going to get a random skin of a building of your choice.

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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