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Update posted by Alfred Schaeffer On Nov 06, 2020


Pioneering the introduction of the charter industries first ever independent star-grading and accreditation service.

Star-ratings are an internationally recognized symbol for quality and safety standards. They are used in more than 70 countries worldwide and reflect the cleanliness, quality, and condition of guest facilities. Star ratings are a mark of quality: if a vessel has a 3-star rating, guests can be assured that the vessel has met the minimum standards as defined for a 3-star vessel. Likewise, if a vessel has a 5-star rating, it has met the minimum requirements defined for a 5-star vessel. 3-star vessels attract 3-star clients, with 3-star budgets. 5-star vessels attract 5-star clients, with 5-star budgets Each star-grading attracts its own clientele. No different to a hotel star grading and in this way, guests are protected from paying 5-star rates for a 3-star experience. The 'star' symbols are to be trademarked to ensure that these can only be used by vessels that have been licensed to use them.

The Crewed Charter Yacht Vacations would, at that time, let the market know that we are the first brokerage to market and promote star graded vessels.

This is an industry-first.

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Update posted by Alfred Schaeffer On Nov 06, 2020


This is a 2-pronged approach.

1. The first is in house utilization, retail use. Many brokers do not follow up with post charter assessments and those that do, send out a the same standard set of email questions that they have been using for years. Guests have complained that these are usually received at a time that is inconvenient and the post-holiday blues have set in. The result is that the return rates are low and often inaccurate as if completed, they are done haphazardly. The e-Survey will ensure higher response rates, improved service levels and happier customers.

2. The second is a commercial offering to drive subscription-based revenues.

The e-Survey post charter survey could be introduced to the commercial charter companies who have fleets of owned vessels. Dream Yacht Charter, for example, have 950 boats across 50 regional locations. Using this software as a service model, it would be ideal to subscribe to a subscription service, that can provide analytics based on KPI’s to create benchmarks against which boats or bases can be compared against. Market research has shown that the commercial brokers use email or other archaic methods to conduct post charter feedback, but no-one collates the data or conducts comparative analysis. Early warning indicators using trends will ensure that crew, vessel, base performances are at optimum and that service levels across the world are aligned. Much like a McDonalds or Burger King experience is the same regardless of which country the product is purchased, guests can now expect the same high levels of charter experience regardless of where they charter with commercial charter companies.

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Update posted by Alfred Schaeffer On Nov 06, 2020

My clientele in North America, is typically the top 20% income earners and their preferred charter holiday destination is the Caribbean. My clientele in the United Kingdom have a preference for charter vacations across the Mediterranean.

Even though the Caribbean is opening its borders []. strict entry requirements are making travel unpleasant and the United Kingdom has moved to its highest lockdown levels.

That said, in the charter yacht vacations industry, clients typically make their bookings up to 12 months in advance. This means that, although slow, revenue in 2021 will be generated as a result of bookings for 2022.

Add to this, a creative B2B (business to business) initiative that involves travel agents and 2021 will see suitable revenue numbers in a downturned market and enable solid exposure for 2022.

Wise investors often capitalize on and see opportunity in any downturned market.

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