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Update posted by Barel Zinkpe On Jan 22, 2019

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Did you know that 55 percent of Guinea population live in poverty, 1.9 million people—or 17.5 percent—are food-insecure and 230,000 children under age five are moderately malnourished. A comprehensive nutrition survey, conducted by WFP in July 2015, indicated that the chronic malnutrition rate in Guinea is around 25.9 percent.

Malnutrition is rampant. Most people lack such basic services as electricity and water. Fewer than one adult in three is literate (one in five for women) and there is no comprehensive educational system or apparent incentive to do anything about it.

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My name is Barel Zinkpe. I live in Guinea Conakry, not a big place from a distance, but when your down on the ground it's a pretty big place. The government here are all about themselves, they do not care for the people. The people live poor, poor education, simple sickness like a Headache, stomach ache or flue will kill an individual. The country is not developed. I live in a small town called yimbiya, with my mother, brother with his wife and two young kids and my brothers Wife sister. We have nothing, the kids in my family hardly have food to eat, they go to school hungry all the times, the schools are in bad condition, people builds up or crowds up around the schools to throw rocks at students while their in class, mostly teachers that are asking the government to give them more money to teach kids at school, witch is not the right way to do things, because they hurt kids and kill kids, so because of that my family keep kids at home a lot, other families does the same too, and that causes kids not to have a better education. So I decided to raise money to feed the hungry families in Guinea and my own, build a Church for us. I need the helping hands 👐 of everyone, help my family and neighbors and build us a church. Thou I decided to do this, I have nothing on my side to achieve this goal. But still I'm not alone, with the help of the people around the world, I can achieve this goal. Alone we're weak, but together we're strong, and nothing is unachievable.

Please click on the link below to hear what Lisa Einstein a physics educator with the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn program in Guinea, West Africa has to say about her experience in school teaching kids one day.


These are the things that are really happening in Guinea. A day not too long ago, a student was walking to school, suddenly rocks started being thrown and the kid got it in the face and lost her eye. That is wrong.

And these situations are the reasons why my family and close neighbors keeps kids at home a lot.

And so I'm calling for your help, I need help, to feed my family and neighbors, to build a church that has a school in it. Your help will feed us, will shelter us, will give us a better church and a better school.

Thank you.

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Looking to feed other families, including my own.

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