Appealing for help from kind souls in my darkest hour

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I am starting this personal crowdfunding campaign because I have lost all my life savings (and more) to a scammer and am in dire need of help. My world has completely collapsed, and to say that I am at the lowest point in my life would be a severe understatement. I am in a really cold and dark place right now, it feels like I am in an abyss, and I cannot even begin to describe the immense amount of guilt and shame I feel for having been so stupid and foolish and losing such a huge amount of money.

Last year, when my girlfriend told me she didn't want to be with me anymore, I was devastated; I loved her very much (and still do), and she meant the world to me. At the time, it felt like I was at the lowest point in my life, but little did I imagine that less than a year later I would sink to a far lower point.

It all started in early Dec last year. After several months recovering from the breakup, I finally felt somewhat ready to try to find someone again, so I decided to try online dating as one of my options. I had tried it before in the past, without any success, but also without encountering any misfortune. Unfortunately, this time I met a scammer, which culminated in me losing all that I have, plus money that I borrowed from a friend.

After a month of daily interactions by text and phone calls with her, I really thought that we had something genuine going, and I trusted her completely (I now know my trust was severely misplaced). One day in early-mid Jan, she told me about a crypto-based 'investment' that she had been doing and asked me to give it a try. Being a generally cautious person, I put in a very small amount at first just to try it out. However, soon after, they had some week-long "staking pool activity" that she said she was interested to participate in, and claimed she was putting in USD300,000. She encouraged me to participate as well, and, despite not knowing much about what it was, I had so much trust in her that I naively went along and put in a sizeable sum, thinking that she was in it together with me. I had fallen into the trap, and it only got harder and harder to get my money back as they tricked me into topping up the funds and told stories about why they couldn't return my money, demanding more and more money in order for me to get back whatever I had placed with them. Throughout the ordeal, my female 'friend' played the role of a fellow investor and appeared to be in the same situation as me (we even helped each other pay the demanded amounts), which added to the misplaced trust I had in her. By the time I finally realized it was a scam and that she was a part of it, it had dragged on to almost mid Feb, and the amount I had initially put in had more than doubled.

Looking back, I see all the mistakes I made, including putting in such a sizeable initial amount into something I knew little about and not seeing the additional demands for money for what they were. I know it all came down to trusting the wrong person and my hope and desperation to get my money back, but I still cannot believe how much of a fool I have been and how I could possibly do all those things devoid of common sense. One thing I realized is that anybody can be a victim regardless of educational level, qualifications, background, age, gender, etc. or even whether you know beforehand about scams, because these scams prey on human fallibilities such as fear, greed, and desperation, and even take advantage of positive human qualities like trust and hope. What's even more insidious about these scams is that everything seems so obvious to you looking back (and to others looking in from the outside), but you don't see anything while you're in the middle of it because of all the brainwashing, gaslighting, and manipulation they subject you to. Still, knowing these doesn't take away any of the guilt and shame that fills me and that will take me a very long time - perhaps even a lifetime - to get over.

I hope that my story will help to prevent others from falling for similar scams. I pray that nobody else will suffer the same misfortune as I have. I'm in a horrible, horrible place now; I have not been eating well and have been having sleepless nights, and I fear it will also take a toll on my mental wellbeing. My biggest worry now is paying back the money I borrowed from my friend and a few other short-term debts (including a personal loan and two credit cards) amounting to SGD150,000 (USD110,000), after which I will slowly rebuild my savings and my life from scratch again.

A small donation of a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars might not change your life, but it would mean more to me than you can possibly imagine. Because, when you have absolutely nothing, the kindness of others is really all that you can have. Will you help me? Please? 🙏


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Mar 06

Added screen captures of police report

Update posted by End Of My Rope at 12:16 am

I'm in desperate need of help, but am dismayed that help is not forthcoming 😢I have added screen captures of the police report I lodged, with sensitive data masked.Hopefully this shows that my story is real and convinces more people to help 😔

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Feb 26

Will no one help me?

Update posted by End Of My Rope at 05:51 am

It seems so hard to raise funds. Over 130 views but only 1 donation so far :'(

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Feb 22

First donation

Update posted by End Of My Rope at 12:53 am

It's been slow-going, but we have just received our first donation, thanks so much Ally! It really means a lot to my friend and me. May God bless you.Hopefully this is the first small step towards reaching our goal. 🙏

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