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Hi! My name is Hencel and I am a very proud sister to RYZA VILLAGONZALO, our “little-big” baby sister and “family angel” with Down syndrome. What makes her extra special is not just the extra chromosome 21 in her but the EXTRAORDINARY LOVE she’s brought not just to our family but to everyone she meets.

While people with Down syndrome may share some characteristics, each individual develops at his/her own pace and has unique capabilities and abilities. In spite of this, aside from their extraordinary purpose and gifts, they are also prone with some health problems.

I FUND love for RYZA is a fundraising campaign where we humbly ask for love donation from generous people from all walks of life to aid us in funding Ryza’s continuous medication and treatment after her biliary surgery and removal of gall bladder.

We also hope to create awareness of the EXTRAORDINARY LOVE and DIVINE EMOTIONAL JOURNEY and CONNECTION that kids with Down syndrome would bring in not just to a family but to an individual.

You may send in your donations/pledges through the following channels:

  1. Our No. 1 option is via bank deposit or fund transfer via:


Account Name: Ma Hencel Villagonzalo Barrio

Account Number: 096-373-238-2950


Asia United Bank

Account Name: Cecilia V Saulo

Account Number: 115-1100-11397

**I’ve nominated my sister Cecilia Saulo as the Fund Captain.

  • You may donate via gogetfunding.com and follow the instructions:

Campaign Name: I FUND love for Ryza

  • You may also give your donation by credit or debit cards via my Personal Paypal account with [email protected] as my email address

Thank you in advance for YOUR PART in Ryza’s life journey and that of our family!

Let me share with you Ryza’s story:

Last May 27, 2017, due to high fever and loss of appetite, she was confined at the Manila Doctors Hospital and later on she was diagnosed with diabetes due to high sugar. With that, she was advised to continue with her insulin medication to manage her blood sugar. Unfortunately, we were not able to have her abdomen pain checked as we focused more on her blood sugar.

Early part of July 2017, Ryza once again experienced high fever (causing chill or shivering reaction from her), loss of appetite and instances of vomiting; this time we had to rush her to UST Hospital to address Ryza’s sickness.

At first she was detected with blood infection that caused her high fever with chill and shivers; also the ultrasound results last July 5 indicates the following:

  • Hyperechoic lesion with irregular border, hilar region where CTScan was suggested for further evaluation;
  • Normal sized liver with diffuse parenchymal changes that may be due to fatty infiltration
  • Cholecystitis – from what I learned based on my research, it is the inflammation of the gall bladder – I guess that’s why Ryza would often complain on her right upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever.
  • Slightly dilated intrahepatic and common bile ducts
  • Normal sonogram of the pancreatic head and body as well as the spleen

With these results, she was advised to undergo a CT Scan of the Upper Abdomen last July 8 and findings comprised of:

  • Choledocholithiasis (mid segment of CBD)
  • Cholecystitis
  • Hepatic nodules, nonspecific
  • Subcentimeter periaortic lymph nodes
  • Supraumbilical ventral wall hernia

Her doctors mentioned that there’s a big possibility of stone/s in her bile duct and it had to be removed immediately. Also, the evidence of an inflamed gall bladder was noticeable in the CTscan thus the course of action recommended was an open surgery to remove any obstruction inside.

After the ultrasound results, we were advised by her doctor that Ryza will undergo an ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography) procedure to enable them to examine her pancreatic and bile ducts. It was also during this week that Ryza’s belly pain had been persistent and display of jaundice (yellow color of her skin) became evident.

On July 9, 2017, I accompanied her for the ERCP procedure, sadly her doctors decided to stop with the procedure as they were unable to move the lighted tube inside – her doctor explained that Ryza’s body structure is quite different from that of a normal.

Since the ERCP was no longer a feasible option and given the hepatic nodules seen in the CT Scan results, doctors recommended another test which is called MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography), a medical imaging technique that uses magnetic resonance to visualize the biliary and pancreatic ducts in a non-invasive manner. Sad to say, after careful assessment, it never happened given Ryza’s condition. You see, Ryza does not talk very well and would only express herself through basic sign languages and she would just nod in agreement to what’s given or presented to her or would shake her head if she doesn’t like it.

Due to the urgency of the situation, her doctors agreed to proceed with the original plan which was surgery to remove the obstruction and hopefully give them an idea on the current state of Ryza’s pancreas and liver. It July 14 in the afternoon where Ryza had an open surgery and stone was removed from her bile duct. We thank God with all the patient doctors and nurses who were sent in as “disguised angels” to help in with Ryza’s ordeal.

After the surgery, several protective actions were done to Ryza:

  • Removal of the “stone” obstruction and her gall bladder;
  • Placement of a small tube was done to help her through the healing process;
  • A catheter was placed in to aid in her urination;
  • Continuous medication and antibiotics

We haven’t received the clinical and medical abstract yet but her doctors mentioned that Ryza still needs to stay at the hospital for the complete healing of the surgery done and provision of utmost care and assistance given her condition. They also had to do some observations with her pancreas and liver as it was slightly affected by the swollen gall bladder and stone as well as continuous monitoring of her temperature, blood sugar and infection. Unluckily, there’s still the pancreas and liver that we also need to watch out for.

With this, we, the VILLAGONZALO FAMILY, is appealing to your generous hearts asking for a love donation to fund Ryza’s continuous treatment and medication.

Her life is now a battle and a journey – a battle to fight whatever illnesses or complications that may come as a result of the infection and surgery and a journey towards complete recovery and healing. As Ryza’s family, we would like her to experience life in its fullness and that’s why we are taking seriously the care of her body and heart. We must watch over our desire with a fierce love and vigilance, as we are protecting our most precious angel. We must do battle with the enemies of health – those sirens that would seduce and shipwreck our desire and those arrows that aim to kill our goal towards healing outright.

Help us in our journey forward to Ryza’s continouous medication, treatment and healing.

Join us we cling towards our Great God and pray for the right people to lend a helping hand, be of assistance, rally round with our cause as we desire RYZA’s Great Restoration and let her experience more Adventures to come.

Standing UP for RYZA,

Ate Hencel


A minimum of 1000 Philippine Peso or 20 USDollar pledge for our sister RYZA will entitle you to a special hand sanitizer and inspirational card as our token of gift and appreciation for your love donation to our sister.

Fundraising Team

  • Proud Sister of Ryza and FUND ORGANIZER
  • Cil Villagonzalo
  • Proud Sister of Ryza and FUNDS Captain


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