I AM stronger than MS!

Update posted by Meg Jackson On Apr 29, 2017

Bout myself a hat from my Stronger than MS store!

Link to the store is in my story

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Apr 27, 2017

I hate having to turn down another offered treatment date because of money. :(

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Apr 19, 2017

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Apr 19, 2017

Today I got news that quite a bit of donations that were submitted for employer matching last year were approved! It will be paid out soon! :

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Apr 17, 2017

I edited my write up on the fundraising page. Read & reread it. Tried to change the font color. Deleted the whole thing. 😫

  1. Try again tomorrow.
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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Mar 31, 2017

The fundraising really really needs a boost.

We moved recently & most of the time I feel like we don't know anyone to ask for help.


It's been going slow for a while. I've been at this way too long & need to pick up the momentum!

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Mar 09, 2017

we moved recently which has been pretty stressful. The sunshine in my week has been selling 10 heating pads!! 😀

Brainstorming for new fundraising ideas in our new city.

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Mar 05, 2017

one of the many success stories I've seen!

I can't wait for my turn

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Update posted by Meg Jackson On Jan 11, 2017

Ok, back on the fundraising band wagon we go...

I was scheduled to leave for Mexico this month. It broke my heart to postpone, but I had to. I'll go when we've raised enough money.

We have done (or planned but it had to be cancelled for lack of participation) all of the following -

Every event that is a flop I loose the money I put into it.

I need your fundraising ideas & for you to share!!

Shoe drive - still going after too many months

Cheers paint and drink night - flop

Foot golf tournament - flop

Sell baseball tickets - flop

50/50 raffle

Online auction

Several tables at various places collecting donations - some successful, most a flop

Dinner night at American steak house

Dinner night at ZAKSBY'S - flop

Jam berry online party

Family movie night - flop

Sell wrist bands - ongoing sold a lot, have a lot more available to sell

Coin banks - flop

Sell homemade heating pads at a small local craft fair

Sell the heating pads online - only 1 order so far :(

Pins on ebay

Wristbands on ebay

Yard sale

Sell various things online - 1/2 success

Share online constantly - minimal success

Press release - flop

Reached out to radio and news stations more times that I can count - flop

Baby bottles sent with kids to their small group - only a few returned, but glad for those few!

Pass out & mail HUNDREDS of flyers with very minimal response

Hubby has gone door to door a few times


Online store - very very few orders

Online donation site



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Tom Harrison

Backed with $100.00 On May 02, 2017



Backed with $100.00 On Apr 20, 2017


Best of luck, I hope it changes your life.

Gino Andreozzi

Backed with $25.00 On Dec 10, 2016


Brian Pendell

Backed with $20.00 On Nov 12, 2016



Backed with $36.00 On Oct 31, 2016


Brian Pendell

Backed with $60.00 On Oct 30, 2016


Keep your hope in Christ alone. Xoxo

Stacy Cagle

Backed with $70.00 On Oct 27, 2016


We wish you lots of strength and grace. Susanne Moran let us know about your situation, and we are donating in honor of her birthday today!

John & Risa Moran

Backed On Oct 22, 2016 Amount Hidden


I was very touched by your story. Please stay strong. I hope and pray all will be okay.

Jony Apra

Backed with $50.00 On Oct 21, 2016


Carol & Chuck Moran

Backed On Oct 18, 2016 Amount Hidden

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