Need help for full time care for my bedridden mother.

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My mother, widowed, has had several stroke since 2010. Few months before she turned 60 years old in September, she was diagnosed with osteoporosis. She has hemorrhoid, arthritis and bedsore. She is bedridden and as her only child, I need to do everything I can to keep her safe and well taken care of.

Caregiving is not an easy task. She calls me a few times at night to move her around, scratch her back, give her gentle massage, water to drink, to calm her down and so on. I have to sleep in between those hours because I have to work early (from home).

Before my work begins, I make sure she and her bed is clean. From wiping her face and body to changing her diaper and clothes. She is a big woman and it takes a huge amount of time and energy to finish this routine. I juggle both duties, caregiving and my job as an agent. When she poops, she should not wait for me until break or lunch time. She needs to change right away. Her bedsore must be treated as well as her rashes, her hot compress for arthritis, her blood pressure monitored, her food and medicine and making sure she rest well afterwards. It's the IDEAL - it's what I should have been doing, the right thing. BUT I'M NOT ABLE TO.

My office job requires concentration and dedication, too. I shouldn't be working I tell myself and just focus on taking care of her but I will not be able to afford her medical needs. We are renting and we pay bills. I can't quit my job.

I get really frustrated everytime I tell her to wait for me to finish my work and squeeze her in my limited time when she should be the priority. I am scared. Her condition gets worse as days go by - unable to stretch her legs due to excruciating pain and weaker bones and muscles, rashes and skin problems scattering, no appetite and not able to eat well, bedsore not permanently gone, always irritated, crying most of the times whenever she needs me to clean her or treat her but it is work hours and productivity is closely monitored so I keep asking for her to please wait.

She needs a caregiver or care helper. And it is something that I cannot afford anymore.

I am doing the fundraising to pay for a caregiver and make sure medical supplies (in photo) are enough. This way, I will have someone who is going to look after her needs right away while I work.

Our rented place is also not ideal for a patient like her because it's small but I hope we'll get through this despite all unfavorable circumstances.

Thank you so much for the love. We appreciate your help in any form or donation. You can donate here or GCash 09215005859. Or share with anyone who can relate and support Nanay. It will make a difference in providing her full time care to recover and get those sweetest smiles back.

A mother's love is unconditional, yes, and it is the same kind of love that will help us carry on and live like every day is the last.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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