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The Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation (HKIAD) was founded in July 2019 amid a series of protests against the government’s proposed extradition bill in Hong Kong. We believe in the necessity of taking the battlefield to the international front line to compel the free world to concern about Hong Kong. We hope to gather the collective effort of higher institution students’ unions and extend such Hong Kong issue to the world through citizen diplomacy. It consists of 24 delegates with two representatives from 12 students’ unions of higher institutions, with the mission of mobilizing international support for the protection of human rights, autonomy, and democracy in Hong Kong through citizen diplomacy.

We stand with Hongkongers. We are to fight and never back down.

Our aim

Ever since having been taking to the streets in June, Hongkongers turn from opposing the extradition law bill to staging the five major demands, namely:

  1. The complete withdrawal of the extradition bill.
  2. The retraction of the "riot" characterization.
  3. The release and exoneration of arrested protesters.
  4. An independent inquiry into the police brutality. And
  5. The universal suffrage for both elections of the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive

In face of the government’s negligence of the demands and the continuous violation of our fundamental rights, apart from the local front, HKIAD would maximize international support through different means.

What exactly will HKIAD do?

We will arrange meetings with Consuls-General in Hong Kong from various countries, as well as disparate parties including foreign students’ unions, civil societies, politicians and overseas Hongkongers, together with consultations at local universities.

We will also organize assemblies and rallies. On 16 August 2019, HKIAD co-organized the “Stand with Hong Kong, Power to the People Rally” in Hong Kong, supported by 60,000 local participants as well as similar rallies in 30 cities around 10 countries, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

We know that, but what else?

HKIAD have already recruited and would keep recruiting student experts for administrative and research purposes. With our minds and our will, HKIAD would organize diplomatic trips to foreign countries, raising the international communities’ awareness on Hong Kong’s situation and to propose and discuss actual means to ensure Hong Kong’s democracy and prosperity, and to uphold its people’s freedom and rights.

In early September, HKIAD organized a trip to Australia and met local and international media, Australian political parties and politicians. HKIAD made several propositions to these parties concerning preserving Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy as well as the preservation of its people’s human rights.

We also visited the United Kingdom and Germany for similar purposes. In the UK, the members of HKIAD spoke on BBC, Channel 4 News, at a seminar in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament, visited different parliamentarians, politicians and government officials, including Lord Chris Patten, to seek support for Hong Kong from the UK’s civil society and the government. We’re currently exploring the possibility of extending BNO holders’ right to British Citizenship.

In Germany, we have visited different political parties including the Dielinke, CDU, SPD, FDP and the Green Party, to facilitate support on Hong Kong through different means.

In both nations, we strive to seek for the possibility of various actual actions: condemnation of the human rights violations committed by the Hong Kong government, termination of their cooperation with the HKPF or export of crowd-control weapons to them, implementation of the Magnitsky Act to hold the officials, who violated our human rights, accountable, and amendment to immigration arrangement for Hongkongers should they have any unjust criminal record during different social events and protests.

We are currently setting foot across the Atlantic, starting our lobbying work in the US. The prior mission of HKIAD is to mobilize support and ensure the swift passing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 at the US Congress, so as to establish a legally binding mechanism to protect Hong Kong’s autonomy from China’s manipulation.

With the brilliant results provided by our research team and the effort of our representatives, more trips are expected momentarily.






  1. 完全撤回逃犯條例修訂草案
  2. 撤回暴動定性
  3. 釋放所有被捕人士,承諾不予追究
  4. 對警隊暴力進行獨立調查
  5. 實行香港行政長官選舉及香港立法會選舉的全面普選
















We’d rather live freely and burn, then to be subjugated and diminished. Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our time.



  • Abu Zahid Numan
  • Posted On May 04, 2020
  • Check out my fundraising campaign and Support me please

  • Tamer Sharaf
  • Posted On Apr 07, 2020
  • Check out my fundraising campaign and Support me please

  • Posted On Nov 03, 2019
  • 幹得好,伙計們。 我希望您能從土耳其的愛中獲得成功。我也參加了競選活動,如果您也能幫助我,我會很高興。 多虧有好人在這裡,我祝你一切順利。 除了您的傳統外,我也非常敬重。 In addition to your traditions, I have great respect.

Oct 05

【✉️ HKIAD就港府推行《緊急法》去信各國官員政要 ✉️】

Update posted by Hong Kong IAD at 09:11 am


See update
Sep 30

立場新聞報導:香港大專學界建議《人權法》制裁名單逾30人 警察直系親屬包括在內

Update posted by Hong Kong IAD at 09:13 am

//香港大專學界國際事務代表團,早前曾出席美國國會聽證會,呼籲美國國會通過《香港人權與民主法案》。代表團今日召開記者會,指法案一旦通過將制裁侵害香港自治權、民主及人權的人士,他們向美國國會建議的最新「加辣版」制裁名單已超過三十人,更有機會包括警察直系親屬。代表團又指,若法案未能通過,將會要求凍結或取消《美國-香港政策法》。//制作制裁名單確實不輕鬆,除了感謝IAD的research team的各位之外,更要感謝 作者 的幫忙!香港大專學界建議-人權法-制裁名單逾30人-警察直系親屬包括在內/

See update

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5,953 donors
  • Abu Zahid Numan
  • Posted On May 04, 2020
  • Check out my fundraising campaign and Support me please

  • Tamer Sharaf
  • Posted On Apr 07, 2020
  • Check out my fundraising campaign and Support me please

  • Posted On Nov 03, 2019
  • 幹得好,伙計們。 我希望您能從土耳其的愛中獲得成功。我也參加了競選活動,如果您也能幫助我,我會很高興。 多虧有好人在這裡,我祝你一切順利。 除了您的傳統外,我也非常敬重。 In addition to your traditions, I have great respect.

  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Oct 31, 2019
  • StandwithHK

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  • Free Hong Kong

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  • Donated on Oct 30, 2019
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  • E Chan
  • Donated on Oct 30, 2019
  • 祈求民主與自由 , 萬世都不朽 , 我願榮光歸香港

  • Guest
  • Donated on Oct 30, 2019
  • Guest
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  • Anonymous
  • Donated on Oct 30, 2019
  • 5つの要求、 ひとつも欠かせない コァン フォ ヘォンコン シートィカーミン

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