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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Oct 14, 2018

Since we are still waiting for our funds to come in to go hiking, I decided to mutilate a plant instead...😱

I did not want to buy yet another cream so I decided to make my own coconut-aloe vera cream for stretch marks (which I sadly have...)
I'm still hoping for the plant to recover, but the video I watched said to do this.

I'm sorry plant 🌵🌱 💚

The results will be known in a couple of weeks, but for now, here are some pictures to show you my concoction.

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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Oct 07, 2018

We created our own compost (composter?! 🤔)
Naturally, we started it after 5pm so by the time we dug a big enough hole, all the battery in our phones died from the flashlight. 😬🤐

Nevertheless, now we can start our selective waste collection.

You can see the process of our hard work in the photos and video (!) we made 💜💙💚💛

(Check out those dirty feet... 😝👣👣)

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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Oct 05, 2018

I have always thought my father was crazy for wanting to bake his own bread, but that machine was like a third child to him (next to my sister and me). He would experiment with recipes, make it perfect, make tons of bread, then cut it into identical little slices to freeze them...

And then I bought my own bread-maker... Of course, I bought BAKING POWDER instead of yeast, so it was something out of a baker's nightmare. After this unfortunate event, however, I managed to make a fully grown bread, edible and everything.

So, here is my fist baby (after the cats of course):

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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Oct 05, 2018

Keeping with our pet-project of environment protection, today I tried to make home-made Nutella.

It is safe to say that is came out nothing like the original. It is chocolate-nuts and sugar and then some, but DOES NOT taste like our favourite Nutella.

Having acknowledged that, I'm hoping that it will be at least edible with pancakes (that Kishore ordered for the weekend :D ) after a couple of hours. 🤔🍴

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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Oct 05, 2018

So, we decided to expand our little project. We have started to make our lives and home zero waste.😲

Since this is a big project and we are only in the beginning, I can only say a few things:

1, Shopping without packaging is challenging, but fun. More importantly, cheaper.

2, There is plastic EVERYWHERE!!! From earbuds to the stickers on fruits in the stores, plastic and other waste is all around us. Getting rid of it requires a lot of attention.

3, Let's talk about composting... Well, we got the necessary permits from our neighbours (we live in a detached house) to get started on that, so this will be our next step.

4, Toiletries: Home-made laundry powder, toothpaste and the lot. Bamboo toothbrush, washable make-up pads and organic dishwasher sponge. FUUUUN

If you are disappointed by the lack of pictures, here is a video on the matter to tide you over


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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Sep 10, 2018

Yesterday (9th September) we again set out to complete the next part of our trail (20,4km, +861m/-968m, 7h). It was HARD. Very hard.

Our day started with getting up late - 7:07 train out - and missing the next train too - 8:07 train out too... Then we bought our breakfast and waited for the 9:07 train to leave to where we last left off, Kóspallag. We were sleepy, cranky and full of doubts. To make matters worse, when we got to the bus stop after getting off the train, we saw that the bus was going to come in an hour. At this point we were at a 3-hour delay.

While we were sitting at the bus stop, however, a small miracle happened. An elderly couple stopped by and picked us up, saying that they lived in the town we were heading to. The man was paying attention to driving, but the lady talked about how they had walked the same trail before and it had led them to end up living in that small town. With their help, we saved some time and had a nice chat.

After we started hiking, the good mood turned to serious faces, deep breaths and frequent stops. The steep mountain just didn't want to end. Km after km we kept climbing upward, without any hope for some downhill.

When we felt like we had to breathe through every possible hole in our bodies, we got to the top of a mountain, believing it to be the end of our crawl upwards. But man, were we wrong. That tourist house was only one of 3 consecutive peaks, one higher than the other.

After the difficulty of climbing up and up and up and up..., we finally started our descent - that was just as steep and painful. After another hour of walking, we suddenly realised that the last reasonably timed train home left at 18:43, so we had to make good time. This was the moment when we kept quiet and walked. 4km, 8, then 12km until the little town of Nógrád, where even the ticket lady of the station was on weekend holiday.

Not minding anything now, only wanting to get home, we finished our food, waited for the train and headed home, satisfied with the day's result.

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Update posted by Szilvia Nagy On Sep 10, 2018

On 26th August we decided to start the trail with a 18.3km walk in Börzsöny mountain. The previous day we packed our backpacks, made sandwiches, picked out our shoes and went to bed. At 5:20 the next day we woke to a heavy rain, but still decided to stick by our plan and go hiking. By the way, this was the first rainy day after 3 months of 35-40 degree (Celsius) weather.

Needless to say we are not morning people, but still we left the house (I made a raincover for my pack out of a trashbag), went to the train station and travelled to our chosen town, Nagymaros.

We started with the first stamp (which we are going to collect at every checkpoint) and started walking. The pain of exercise after 2 years of sitting at a desk was immediately clear. Nevertheless, we were determined.

Against all my pleading, Kishore (my partner) insisted on taking photos with me in it, so there will be many of those.

The rain was persistent, it didn't stop for a minute. So, we walked almost 7 hours in mud and dirt and puddles. (In total, we walked 710m up and 497m down.)

Considering that this was our first try, we were proud to state that we finished it. As the last couple of kms approached, we started worrying about catching the last train, but with a little extra effort we crawled into the bus stop.

I have to say, our first hike was wet, rainy and slippery, but the accomplishment gave us a sense of joy.

The pain we felt the next day, however,...

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Thank you soooo much!!! :)

Szilvia Nagy

Posted On Sep 11, 2018


What an amazing adventure you guys are on! I am so excited for the two of you!!! :D <3

Judit Vaz

Backed with €20.00 On Sep 10, 2018

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