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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Dec 19, 2017

So I did forget to post this previously but the care packages have been handed out! If you want to see be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and check out this video.

Let's Give!

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Dec 01, 2017

So while I'm still waiting to see Alan to get him the boots from our first donation I thought I would utilize the funds from the second generous donation.

Our second donation came in at $30.00 which means that after fees (just like before) there was $27.63 to put to use! This time around I decided that I would put together care packages and hand them out. I was able to get enough supplies to put together 4 sets. I had some great help from my buddy Slowped that same afternoon and we got them all handed out! Very exciting! There will be a video recapping everything next week but for now here is a few pictures showing the funds, receipt, and even a sneak peak at the packages.

Thank you all again so much for your support! I hope this inspires you to go do something good for someone else.

Oh you've scrolled this far? Yay! Here is a sneak peak of the completed care packages.

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Nov 26, 2017

Well I’ve yet to come across Alan over the past couple weeks. At this point I’m going to move on to the next round of giving. Another generous donation of $30 has been sent in and I’ve already got an idea cooking on how to put those funds to use.

This time around I’m going to put together care packages to hand out to those in need. I’m not sure exactly how many I can put together but as last time I’m going to post receipts of everything so you can see. I’ll put together a video of the shopping, the assembling of the care packages, and of course the handing out of them. I don’t have an exact timeframe on getting this done but as of posting this update I plan to at least go to the store today. I will of course come back and post updates as things happen.

I’m sorry that there’s been a little bit of the lack of updates lately I’ve been anxiously awaiting another visit with Alan to hand over the boots to him but that just hasn’t happened yet. At a certain point in time, I don’t know when that is yet, I may end up doing something else with the boots or just finding someone else that may be able to use them.

As always thank you for your support and I hope that these updates and videos inspire you to go do something good.

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Nov 08, 2017

So I've been carrying the boots with me every day hoping to see Alan. I'm sure he's fine just moved on to another spot for the time being.

We had another generous donation which is really cool! Current plans for those funds are to get some care packages together to hand out. I'm thinking mostly food with maybe a few basic items (toothbrush, toothpaste?) in them. Hoping to get at least 4 together. To maximize the money I plan to go to the dollar store which should allow me to get a good amount of items. With fees it should work out to the same $27.xx as last time.

More updates to come! Thank you all for the support!

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Oct 31, 2017

Just a quick update that I have the boots and socks but I haven't seen Alan since they arrived! I'm sure he's doing just fine, there have been weeks that I haven't seen him. I'll be on the lookout though and let y'all know when I see him.

We just got another generous donation! How cool! I'm going to start thinking of something I can do with those funds. Perhaps several pairs of warm gloves to hand out? Packages of food?

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Oct 25, 2017

The boots are here!

So the plan is to get them to Alan tomorrow or Friday (the 26th or 27th). If I'm able to do that then I will have a video posted by next week. I'm keeping the box and whatnot and I'm going to have him try them on and if they don't fit we will get them swapped out.

What? Enough babbling you want a picture? Ok :)

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Oct 24, 2017

Alright! So I thought I would post an update to let you know that a decision has been made on how to utilize the first funds that came in. But lets discuss the fees involved so you can see exactly where we stand and what we have to work with.

As you can see from the main page a generous donation of $30 came in, thank you so much! The day the donation came in it was sent to my PayPal account. PayPal automatically took a fee of $1.17 when the donation came in (see below).

Next, a fee of $1.20 was sent to GoGetFunding which was paid with the PayPal balance (see below).

That left us with $27.63 to work with. So what to do what to do? I happened to stop by and see our friend Alan the other day as I had a jacket with me in my car for several days and I wanted to give it to him. While I was talking with him I asked him if there was something he could really use that would help him out and he said a pair of boots. What a great idea!!! This whole idea came about from my interactions with Alan and I thought it would be nice to use the first fruits of this campaign to give him something he really needs.

So to make that happen I moved the money out of PayPal and into my account which you can see below.

Cool, so now what? Well now we order the boots! I picked some out from Amazon, they will arrive on 10/25/17 and I'm hoping that within a day or so I will see Alan and be able to give them to him. For that I will be sure to post a video. Now the boots cost a little more than what was donated but that's just fine. I used the money that was donated plus a little of my own to pick up an Amazon gift card and get them on the way!

And as a bonus a friend of mine is getting a pack of socks to also give to Alan. Hopefully we can have him set up real nice as we move in to winter.

- Sp3aK

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Update posted by Sp3aK Motovlogs On Oct 17, 2017

WOW! Someone just very generously donated to the campaign. What a blessing! I'll give it a few days to a week and see where we stand and then move forward with receiving the funds and putting them to use. Stay tuned for updates. Again, I will be posting screenshots of the donations, fees, receipts, etc. If you make a donation anonymously your privacy will be respected.

- Sp3aK


OK! So a decision has been reached on how to use this first batch of funds. I’ll be making another post soon that will lay out what’s going on behind the scenes!

Sp3aK Motovlogs

Update posted by Oct 21

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