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American Hero Recognized



Good Samaritan

Honored as our Hero

Our Hero Story Starts Here!

A Good Samaritan!

Our Hero came to the aid of a woman-owned business when others would not. There were a total of (4) Americans being held against their will in Iraq in 2015

(3 ) on her team and the American Business owner for a total of (4) Americans

The 3 American's on her negotiation Team in Iraq were being held against their will in Iraq in 2015. After being made aware of the situation, acting as a Good Samaritan our Hero did what he could to assist. For this effort and good will our Hero lost everything and was brought up on false charges which cost him everything. Now everything was dismissed with prejudice and unfounded, but at what cost.

Hero/ Good Samaritan


Our Hero was advised that there were (3) three Americans being held against their will in Iraq while working for a woman owner business in late 2015. The owner was among them making it (4) Americans being held against their will.

It seems while over in Iraq negotiating some business dealings and government contracts she and her team were being held against their will after some negotiations. It is important to note: our Hero knew nothing abought any of these negotiations or contracts. During the time of these negotiations the current threat level had gone up in Iraq while the woman and her negotiations team were there and they were detained against their will.

Our Hero was in the process of evaluating a government contract the woman's company was working on to see if his company could provide any assistance .

To his shock and amazement he was asked if he could assist in anyway in this situation, to help get them released and brought back home, by the administrative assistant of this woman owned business. The assistant stated the team was together now, but wanted assistance before the team was separated and moved into the mountains.

Our Hero advised the office manager to get in contact with the FBI and the US Embassy. After many long days and nights, sometime on December 24 our Hero was contacted by one of the family members of the Americans being held hostage . This American being held against his will, just happened to be a wounded American helicopter pilot. Our Hero was informed by the family that due our Hero's assistance and concerns the pilot, had been released and the pilot was with them and had just landed in Florida and was with his family December 24th. He was back home safely in America with his family just before Christmas. Our Hero has never seen or meet this family.

What a Christmas Miracle

Our Hero was thanked for his assistance during these troubling times by the pilot's family and they said over and over they could not have made it without the hope and encouragement our Hero gave them.

A small act of kindness is all that is needed to create hope.

The amazing thing about all of this is our Hero did not know any of these people.

He had never worked with any of these people nor had any connection with them at any time before this incident or after.

Our Hero was told of their situation and did what he could to assist them, just because it was the right thing to do.

Without any pay, award, or special recognition, he did what he could, all while he was very ill, with undiagnosed Leukemia and was slowly dying without treatment.

For those that know him this is simply the way our Hero does thing’s, in the background for the benefit of all America, sacrificing himself for the benefit of others, leaving no man behind.

Update: all 3 Americans did get back to America before Christmas


Sometime later the woman owner of the company was released as well.

Right After our Hero was rushed into the hospital days later.


Issue at hand


Helping the Helper, so to speak


Retired United States Park Police Association (RUSPPA)


All American Center are Teaming together under

The Heroes Fund

requesting assistance in raising funds to cover our Hero's losses during this crisis and loss.


Our Hero needs to, pay his legal expenses, medical bills.


Legal fees alone amounted to over $450,000, Loss of business and Medical Issues have created a Hardship.

Funds are especially needed to pay for legal fees!


Corporate Sponsors are Needed and Welcome!

Forward this information and link to all your friends, contacts, or news media and ask them to donate, become sponsor, find a sponsor or form together as a group and be recognized as A Hero for their efforts.

Ask them to become one of All American Center, Inc.

Blue Angels!

Working Together We Can and Will Get Things Done!.


All that is needed is 5,000 donations of $100 or more


Check this sight daily to see results of everyone's efforts!

Challenge other Groups to see who can raise the most funds!


Welcome to A Real American Hero's Story!

At The request of RUSPPA, All American Centers Heroes Fund

Friends and Supporters

Read heart warming story written by: His Daughter

This was very hard for her as you can imagine.




My Dad's Story:

My Dad had been a very active person and a hard worker that loved helping people whenever he could. My Dad never had it easy, at the age of six he was sent to an orphanage where it was a very common thing to be beaten. In spite of everything he kept an optimistic view and found solace in the Lord. He ran away from the orphanage to join the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War when he was permanently injured.

In 2015 My dad was asked to assist 3 Americans held against their will in Iraq. He did not even know these people, work with these people, he did what he thought was right. He himself was very ill and was dying with unknown leukemia without treatment and he did not know it.

He did what he could even while being very ill. Fortunately he was advised due to his efforts the 3 Americans were back in America by Dec 24th the day before Christmas.

For this heroic action he had to close all his businesses down, could not discuss with anyone what was going on. Everything has since been ratified now and there were no grounds for any of the actions against him. Everything has been verified now he acted in a heroic effort, did not request any pay or recognition. He lost everything for being a Good Samaritan, all of this going on while going to the hospital daily.

In May of 2016 our lives were turned upside down even more, if that was even possible. He was admitted into the hospital for an infection. After days of testing the hospital decided to do a bone marrow test as a last resort. The results came back with a diagnosis of a rare form of leukemia called HCL (Hairy Cell Leukemia). This was devastating news, but answered a lot of questions as to why he had been experiencing a lot of health issues including unknown infections, weakness and fatigue, and not sleeping well. During his hospital stay another punch in the gut happened, his insurance had run out due to lack of payments and he did not know what to do.

My Dad is a proud, strong and resourceful man; he had beaten colon cancer many years before with surgery. He had been run over in D.C. assisting Law Enforcement. This time this cancer was different. His blood count that was supposed to be 150,000 was only 17, the doctors did not know if he could survive the treatments, they had never had anyone come back from that low of a blood count. He was very ill and experiencing memory problems. His spleen was enlarged and he could hardly move or think. He was admitted to the hospital a second time. His blood count did not rise and he said if he was going to die anyway he would go ahead with the chemotherapy. Since his leukemia is rare, the only form of treatment was five consecutive days of extremely high doses of chemotherapy and then a waiting period of over 18 months before the results would be in.

While this was going on he was losing everything around him except his family and his faith. He has lost his business due to coming to the aid of others during a time of crisis. His home was sold at auction at a huge loss and he paid what he could on some of the bills and attorney fees.

Even through all the pain he was always trying to stay positive, he said whatever he had built he could build again and continue to help others when he got back on his feet. As expenses were rising he had to borrow money from friends just to pay the bills and eat. He said and still says “this too will pass.”

After many cancer treatments he could not feel his hands or feet and started experiencing memory loss. Nephropathy had set in from his diabetes, but was accelerated by the chemo treatments. His blood sugar levels were very high during his treatments and averaged over 500 even today, he is fighting that with treatment. As the months have passed, he has noticed he was and currently is having memory problems more and more everyday. We have finally found out, after many tests, MRI’s and PET scans that he had what is referred to as “chemo brain” along with signs of Alzheimer’s. He has had several mini vascular strokes and found out he would not get part of his memory back.

Here are just a few examples of what patients with chemo brain experience:

Forgetting things that they usually have no trouble recalling (memory lapses)

Trouble concentrating (they can’t focus on what they’re doing, have a short attention span, may “space out”)

Trouble remembering details like names, dates, and sometimes larger events

Trouble multi-tasking, like answering the phone while cooking, without losing track of one task (they’re less able to do more than one thing at a time)

Taking longer to finish things (disorganized, slower thinking and processing)

Trouble remembering common words (unable to find the right words to finish a sentence)

My Dad is always helping others, by finding jobs for former military, law enforcement, former government employees and their families. He has helped to feed and clothe disadvantaged children and senior citizens for over 28 years always working in conjunction with the law enforcement community, without recognition or pay. He assisted with the C.O.P.S. organization (Concerns Of Police Survivors) in D.C. He was one of the few sponsoring members of the title 4 community for retired police officers, with time, money and contacts, requesting equal pay and benefits.

He had a hard life, but loves giving back by helping others.

My Dad only has me and my mom to help with his everyday needs; he has trouble walking, experiences tremors, continues to have memory problems and is in constant pain all the time.

He is a proud man and has always helped others throughout his life. He does not complain much and does not like to ask for help or assistance. He says it is his responsibility to assist others less fortunate. He is alive where others are not. He always said the reason he did what he did throughout his life was for America and what it stands for; so everyone can have equality and their freedoms.

After so many years of him assisting others, it would really mean a lot to our family and a whole lot to my dad, even if he is too proud to admit it, if his efforts were recognized just a little by others.

If and only if you are able to assist him now in his hour of need, we all would be truly thankful. Our family thanks you for any donation that you are able to provide at this time. After all of his good deeds he finds himself making the decision of not eating, not being able to pay for medicine or making mortgage payments. He does not ask why.

By helping my Dad you will be helping others as he will continue his mission of helping others. My Dad and our small family will never forget your kindness.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Dad's story and for recognizing my Dad as an American Hero with your much appreciated donation. If you are not able to assist during this time please say a prayer and let others know of this situation and let that be your part. As my Dad has always said, "working together we can and will make things happen, we are Americans"

On behalf of my Dad and his beliefs, as those that know him always say,

"Thank you for your support and Stay Safe!"

We would like to thank "RUSPPS" Retired United States Park Police Association for their support and decision to honor my father and come to his aid during this crisis over the years.


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All Donations are Tax Deductible

All American Center is a recognized 501(c)(3) corporation since 1989.

FEIN# 54-1504789

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(Retired United States Park Police Association)

Request assistance their selected Hero for his past service to America!

At the end of their request is a poem "Can You See The Children?"

The answer to this request provides another view of our selected Hero story and why RUSPPA is asking for support for this Hero under the Hero's Fund. This explains why and how our Hero has been so supportive of Law Enforcement the community, Seniors and Children!

Dear Membership

I had a few calls about a Hero in the background, I have attached the following for members that never had the pleasure of meeting our unknown Hero. Even though he wasn’t an Officer with us. He did a lot behind the scenes in helping the U.S. Park Police. Chief Lynn Herring and Chief Bob Langston can vouched for everything he did and tried to accomplish for our organization. After viewing his story you will understand his fondness of the United States Park Police, provided by RUSPPA 12-08-2020

Chester W. Perlinski Jr.

Da Pearl

Secretary RUSPPA

Trusted and Verified by more than one Non-Profit & Sources.




* Finally a Special Video Link for your viewing, not seen anywhere else*



Special Video Link for Your Enjoyment

Verification of some of our Hero's behind the scenes Work!

US Park Police Horse Mounted Gold Cup Musical Ride

22 mim Video Oct 20, 2007

Wait a few seconds for it to load and you can download for your file after viewing

Enjoy the Video & download!

Integrity, Honor and Service since 1791

Click Link below & view a 22 min Musical Ride video of

US Park Police Horse Mounted Unit in Action

View and Save!


Welcome to The Heroes Project!

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  • God Bless you.

Jan 28

2021 01-18 Update on Mr. Cook

Update posted by All American Center Inc at 07:38 am

Mr. Cook and his family would like to thank everyone that has contributed to his cause and given their support both with much needed funds, but also with their kindness during these troubled times.His wife has to get a pacemaer in a few months and he needs procedure for his. . . . .

See update
Dec 13

Retired United States Park Police Association (RUSPPA) Honors Mr. Cook as a Hero in 2020 Creator of

Update posted by All American Center Inc at 02:20 pm

Dear Membership I had a few calls about Mr.Cook. I have attached the following for members that never had the pleasure of meeting Ken. Even though he wasn’t an Officer with us. He did a lot behind the scenes in helping the U.S. Park Police. Chief Lynn Herring and Chief. . . . .

See update
Dec 13

"Can You See The Children" Original Poem by Ken Cook from All American Center, Inc.

Update posted by All American Center Inc at 01:01 pm

*Can You See The Children * ** *** (Can You See The Children) * We are the children you see every day. The ones everyone passes along the way. We listen as you teach us and try to understand. We are really doing the best that we can. We thank. . . . .

See update

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  • He's one of our own. Like family. And we help family.

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  • Thank you for all you did for us. USPP #818

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  • God Bless Ken and all he has done for others and the Park Police.

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