Help feed 45 rare Greek horses until spring and make a real difference!

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Help us buy 1000 bales of hay to feed 45 of the last 300 Skyrian horses alive!

  • With just 5 euros, you can help us buy one bale of good-quality hay for the horses – feeding a horse for one week.
  • With a 30 euros donation, you buy 6 bales and feed the entire herd for one day!

To give you a concrete idea, we will need around 1000 bales to reach the summer with full bellies and happy whinnies. There is no small help: each and every contribution counts!

Your support is what keeps us going.

Together, let’s keep the Skyrian horse alive!

Dear friends, friends of our friends, family and animal-lovers all around the globe,

together, we have the power – and the responsibility – to preserve this beautiful planet of ours. Together, we can contribute to halt species extinction!

No, unfortunately I am not talking about the Javan tiger or the black rhino – it is too late for them –, but we can still do our part and help save one of the rarest breeds of horse on Earth!

  • The Skyrian horse is one of few primitive breeds of horse on our planet, and its story is strongly linked to the History of Greece -> some thoughts about its possible origin here:
  • But, having lost their usefulness as working horses with the apparition of machinery used for agriculture in the last century, these little horses have been left aside for decades and were on the verge of extinction some 30 years ago!

Today, thanks to private initiatives to protect and breed them, there exist about 300 Skyrian horses worldwide – 200 of which live on Skyros island – and more are being born each year.

  • At Mouries conservation centre, we take care of 45 pure-bred Skyrian horses and to do so, we can only count on the money raised during the summer season and on donations from our supporters and friends. The money raised thanks to the activities of the centre and the help of many volunteers who join us in our effort each summer allows us to cover part of the yearly expenses of the farm.

The problem is, as often happens halfway through the winter, that the money gathered during the summer season and thefood stocked in the warehouse have come to an end and we are now facing great difficulties to buy more food for the horses.

Most of the horses live freely in an enclosed part of the mountain, but the vegetation available there is not enough to feed the entire herd, and we still need to supply them with hay daily.

  • The winter months are especially difficult as they also correspond to the period of the year when the horses need the most food to be able to face the harsh weather of their native island.
  • Unfortunately, the winter is low season on Skyros and there is no way to get any cash infusion during these months. To be able to keep caring for these wonderful animals and continue our efforts to increase their number and promote the breed in Greece and abroad,

we can only count on YOUR help and generosity.

In this never-ending fight we are leading for the survival of these amazing horses, we rely on YOU, dear friends, and on our ability to face challenges TOGETHER.

We wish to THANK from the bottom of our hearts each and every person who will contribute to this campaign, be it through donating or simply by sharing it with their friends and family! Thanks to you, our project keeps running!

Thank You!!

You can read more about our project here: or contact us directly to receive further information on the horses, the centre or the campaign.


... and receive a wooden keyring with the logo of our organisation!

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... and receive a puzzle with a beautiful picture from our mare Aphrodite and her foal Ikaria!

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... and receive a guided tour of the farm OR an adoption form for one of our horses!

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raised of €5,000.00 goal
37% Funded
61 Donors

No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities