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Mr Samuel Oteng has narrated his sad story of how he became visually impaired under his least expectation. He was a hardworking and energetic man before his impairment.

During an exclusive interview with First Lady on BrownGH TV, the 54-year-old man said it all started when he had moved from his one-man business to join a team in a construction work.

Samue started his life as a photographer but later jumped into clothes business when the photographing business started dwindling due to the invention of mobile phones.

He added that he started selling cloth but it got to a time where the business started going down and as a family man who has four kids and a wife, he needed to find something doing to secure a better life for himself and his family hence his decision to venture into construction.

He said he was one day carrying a cement bag on his head and the cement tore into two and sprinkled into his eyes.

Even though he started feeling pains in the eyes after washing his face with water, Mr Samuel Oteng said he took no steps because he thought the pains are just mere and will vanish in days.

However, he told First Lady that he started seeing things blur which scared him to rush to the hospital and upon his arrival, he was sadly informed that the cement that sprinkled into his eyes has caused a glaucoma infection and needs to be operated on.

A few days after returning home from the hospital, Mr Oteng said his right eyes ceased to see things clearly except for lights and something shiny only. So he went back to the hospital for the commencement of the operation.

He added that the doctors informed him that since only one eye was working properly, they will operate on that one first to avoid touches but unfortunately, after the operation, the right eye which wasn't seeing things well worsened.

Since one cannot cheat nature and there was so much pressure on the remaining eye, things got worse and the doctors have assured him that another attempt of surgery can be effective but it comes with a price.

As it stands, his movement including the upkeep of the house lies on the wife who is also finding it difficult to balance and put things together.

Indeed, nobody can narrate the happenings of tomorrow, it can equally happen to you and me. Our brother and father at this time need the support of you and me.

All is not lost. Samuel will need specialist intervention for a laser surgery. He needs your support. He was not depending on anyone to look after his family, but now it is impossible to do that.

Please contribute to my campaign for Samuel to have a breakthrough with his visual impairment. Samuel needs your help. He need good living conditions as well as supporting his family. He will do something for himself when he can at least regain his sight from even an eye. We hope your support will make the surgery possible and his sight restored in both eyes as he can see some rays when in the sun. This is an urgent appeal

Support my campaign. Join my team to work together to make a difference and a change in Samuel's life.

Help us to put a smile on his face once more.



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raised of £10,000.00 goal
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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