Helping a community of orphans and young kids in Lake Bunyonyi Uganda

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My name is Aalok and I would like to share with you a personal story. I hope that you'll join me in helping some amazing people in Uganda after reading what I've experienced.

Just before the pandemic, I was fortunate enough to travel to east Africa. A sudden change in my itinerary redirected me to an untouched gem, Lake Bunonyi in Uganda. It is a stunning lake, considered the 3rd deepest in the world, home to many hundreds of bird species and yet, it's still relatively undiscovered.

During a walk on the outskirts of the lake, I met Ronald. He is the only university graduate in the village. Instead of pursuing better economic opportunities in other big African cities, he chose to come back home to Lake Bunonyi to run the only primary school in town. The school provides education for 233 kids and is home to more than 60 orphans.

I spent a few days with Ronald at the school and found myself inspired by the hope, excitement these kids had, in spite of the apparent poverty. I was deeply moved and encouraged to help Ronald to make a sustainable impact.


The plans below will be implemented concurrently to ensure that not only basic needs are met, but we can immediately kick start long term and sustainable change for the school and students.

Project A - Kick-start an organic chicken farm

(estimated duration: 3-6 months, current progress: 5/10)

To feed the students, Ronald came up with the idea of starting an organic chicken farm. The goal is to get to 50 at which point, half the eggs would help feed the orphans while the other half will be traded in the market place for rice and veggies.

Project B - Building critical school infrastructure

(estimated duration 6-12 months, current progress: 3/10)

The school lacks basic and very critical components for a conducive learning environment. The school is a skeletal structure without windows (rain floods the classrooms during rainy seasons), the roof leaks when it rains, the walls are shaky and require reinforcement, many rooms do not have doors, and the orphanage is over-crowded with 4 children to 1 bed.

Project C - Improving learning and living environment

(ongoing, current progress: 2/10)

We need to improve the environment for the children so that they can obtain a decent education. This is essential to make a sustainable and long-term impact to the town. The two biggest projects are to build 1) a computer/tech room and 2) a playground for younger children.


Building an organic chicken farm
  • 45 Chickens
  • Chicken fencing and coop set up
  • Person to look after school and chicken farm (1 year)

Building critical school infrastructure
  • Wall reinforcement / windows / doors
  • Roof reinforcement
  • School concrete fencing
  • Additional structure / outhouse for rooms with beds for the orphanage (for approx. 30 orphans)


Improving learning and living environment
  • WiFi
  • Technology room (we would prefer donation in kind to help set up the tech room e.g. old laptops / computers / smartphones / tablets)
  • Playground



How much money is going to reach Uganda?

For every dollar, 4 cents goes to GoGetFunding (this platform) and 3-4cents goes to banking / transfer fees to Uganda. There is no further administrative cost as I'm donating my time to this cause. In short, at least 92 cents of your dollar will reach Ronald and the kids in Uganda.

How can I find out the progress after my donation?

We endeavour to be as transparent as possible and are currently exploring the most efficient way(s) to provide updates - perhaps via a blog or through this GoGetFunding platform. In the time being, please email me at [email protected] if you would like an update.

What’s your (Aalok) involvement?

In more corporate terms, I'm the project manager- I'm helping to raise fund (donating my time), ensuring that the funds get to Ronald and the children, ensuring that the money is spent as intended (governance), overseeing the project timeline, providing updates to donors on the progress of the project, and finally, supporting Ronald on planning for the future of the school / orphanage. Apart from myself, my wife (Louann) is also volunteering her time to support this cause.

How do you ensure that the money gets to Ronald and is spent as intended?

This is one of our major concerns as well. I've partnered with a local hotelier whom I met during my last trip. She has been helping me with engaging local contractors to get quotations etc. She's not affiliated with the school and like me, she has volunteered her time to help Ronald and the children as she loves Lake Bunyonyi.



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  • So excited to see this initiative up and running!

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  • So excited to see this initiative up and running!

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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