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Update posted by Anne Ptaszenski On Dec 12, 2017

My expectation to continue living with Joy Peace and Happiness, depends on my health. Please help.

Follow, Share, Like, donate if you can. One human to another:

Two things we are asked to do while living and learning on this planet IN every culture only two things are asked ONE is to love God the Creator the other is to love your neighbor as yourself

This has been my desire.

Since the launch of this campaigne, many world events have occurred that are heart breaking.I can only offer prayers, I still cannot give what I do not have. My desire is to help all... Through sharing knowledge, I can help those who find this information useful.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, human's hurting human's. Greed taking over moral common sense.

I continue with my goal, my desire and my belief: That stem cells will reverse my body's damage.

I ALSO believe stemcells will help reverse a lot of other people's suffering as well, so I am setting a goal to speak about the benefits of stemcells.

in the future - Let us talk about The reason's why "THEY" do not want you or me to have easy affordable access to this life saving, life-changing medical treatment.

It has been beyond my comprehension, why those in control, want so much suffering. Could greed and money be the motivating factor?

But yet, THEY take joy in profiting off of US who are 'sick' with treatable and curable dis-eases.

After I injured myself to obtain that hourly wage and healthcare benefits, I started one goal, clear out 'confusion' Jan 2014 - then asked for wisdom Jan 2015 and kept clearing out confusion, then I asked for a directed path with a lamp at my feet and

realizing that I have all this and many more desires and directions,

now, I must choose. God Almighty gave us free will, RIGHT?

The right thoughts, the right ATTITUDE and continue to write, pen and paper, get away from digital, get away from the electronic noise - microwaves especially - God foods versus man's foods ---- now comes doing what I love to do without expectation of...

I am changing the way I think and challenge my thoughts moment to moment, 'will other's benefit from this thought?'

Stop taking a ride on empty thought trains.

If you know where those thoughts are going, and the outcome is always the same;

WHY think those thoughts?

It is time to MAKE things happen. I've got an image of what, now the how -

Words are very powerful, even the unspoken words, hidden voices we speak to 'ourself' with. Have you ever considered asking yourself, Is it me or someone else's belief that I created my expectations about life?

The "what do I do with myself", when life isn't going as expected. Is where we trip ourselves up.

Image of water,

notice "I will kill you" looks far different than the rest!

Water exposed to a Mozart Symphony, John Lennon's "Imagine", words 'thought directed' at water "Love" "Peace" "Thank You" and prayer:

The frozen water after - shows it's raction to thoughts, words and music - these silent word vibrations from our brain ~ directed out into the universe - (all from the same source of water) Fujiwara water before and after prayer.

Update posted by Anne Ptaszenski On Dec 04, 2017

Anne: I would prefer to have Stem Cell Therapy, as none of the injections have been friendly to my body or mind... Stem Cell Treatment is the last resort at this stage of my MS. Stem Cell Therapy which has a greater chance of not just halting the MS progression, but it can also actually reverse the effects and even could cure me. Funding for stem cells would provide me the opportunity to stop the deterioration of my health and avoid my becoming an expense for the community. I need to pay for the treatment myself. But I cannot make it on my own. I therefore kindly ask for all the financial support that I could get in order to take the treatment. Stem cell treatment will cost around $16,695.00 per treatment...

Annie Pizazz Oct 12, 2017 11:47am RIP Angel Puppers Thank You for all that you taught me. I am heart broken. Last month, You survived being hit by a car. You got back up and was doing all things Doggie! This last 36 hours were a nightmare.

Update posted by Anne Ptaszenski On Sep 07, 2017


Update September 7, 2017

My heart goes out to all that just went through Harvey and to all those who are now in the path of Irma.

My heart is heavy. There is so much need every where.

and Soon Irma to impact the United States of America.

We send our heartfelt prayers, to all those who are recovering still from Harvey, and now to all those who lost loved ones from Irma. Continuous Prayers for those in Irma's path.

We will do as much as possible to get the words out on Social Media.

I Thank you all, to family, to friends and to those I have not yet met personally!

Thank You! For your generous donations, for your sharing and following this page.

My sister asked me, have I filed for disability? yes, just went before the judge with a great lawyer August 11, 2017. He defered decision until I saw their MD-doctor. Which Happened Aug 30, 2017. Now I wait. Again, not my first application. 2013, and 2005. 2001, 1999. If it hadn't been for the mis-diagnosis way back then, When MS was already an issue. Where would I be today? Healthy?

So my answer to my sister Yes, I have applied for disability on numerous occasions .As you can see by the list! LOL

Loretta Lynn's Dude Ranch 2009

When you are uninsured, with out Blue cross or Blue Shield, and work anyway- for health care coverage, missing the mark, work until you can't. I didn't qualify for The Affordable Care Act, which was illegally mandated, so I was unable to qualify for state aid in Tennessee.

Thank You


Thank You all again, ! For your generous donations, for your sharing and following this page.

Update posted by Anne Ptaszenski On Sep 02, 2017

self care is not selfishThere is a lesson I am Painfully made aware of, You can't give to others What you DON"T already Have.

Right now what I don't have is health. And my heart goes out to all those who were in the path and affected by Hurricane Harvey. Nashville suffered some from Harvey, but not like Houston. We had our flood in 2010.

We send our heartfelt prayers, to all those who are recovering and all those who lost loved ones. We will do as much as possible to get the words out on Social Media.

As urgent, as needs are, I have to face the fact. That unless I get this need met, I am of no help to anyone.

My doctors feel that I need to have the treatment either injections or stem-cells in the shortest period of time before any damage debilitates me any further. So it is with the greatest humble heart that I ask you to consider, Helping ME beat MS, so I can continue helping others.

My eye sight, balance and grip - all actions needed - necessary to help another, not available. My body let me down,; I'd add risk of personal injury or potentially could harm another should they fall with me.

The urgency has me making "life" or "death" choices. Mine or someone else? How about neither?

I'd rather be on the front lines, hands on, dirty, saving lives. That's why I went into nursing.

I pray for a speedy recovery for all and to all those who are promised help, That they are blessed . Abundantly.

Remember - God keeps his promises the "bow in the sky", .


Water flows without respect of person, economic status, creed, race, or belief's. Just like MS is not respectful of that prime time in life for man or woman. Old enough, to understand wisdom.

Despite all our differences in thoughts we are all made of the same stuff from the spinning atom out,

Hurricane Harvey did the impossible?

Did it not Unite people?

- "It Amazes Me how WATER can make people lay aside their belief differences and work for the common good of All. WATER Has No DISCRIMINATION" Bobby Pizazz.

Thank You to all, who tuned into my little place in world.

Family - friends have been slowly responding ~ for that, I am hopeful, grateful and ask for blessings all around !!

I am Very Thankful for a successful campaign, in a moment of time, I believe I will be back;

believing in POWER FROM ON HIGH.

I can still "SEE" and visualize a rainbow. Can YOU? Then I listen to the colors of an amazing song.

Amazing Grace sung by Bobby Pizazz September 22, 2016, A song to share freely. ~ Mom RIP - September 22 is the day we celebrated your birth.

For those who share music, share with someone you love in the Flood zone. Something to listen too as the water's recede - a song that Bobby Pizazz Wrote with color matched chords. This song is up-lifting in times of need. ~ The Waters

And one more instrumental to close your eyes - float away on -

maybe you can see the RainBow Color Chords? "Here is a song that I wrote with color matched chords, (no it is not a revelation! ) LOL It is a instrumental until I sing the vocal... Rory Hoffman, Jim Hoke, Bob Mater, Dave Martin all put their hearts in this one..." Bobby pizazz

Love Will Always Win -

#Public #USAMUSIC #LYRICS #Breakingtherules#MyPastExperiencesTaughtMe #ToGetTheWORDOut #WordOfMonth#IsStilltheFastestWay #TherapyIn4Words
#FREEDOM #MEANS #ALL #PEOPLE #Worldreligions


I hope lots more people will assist in getting you to California for the treatments.

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Please help my dear sisterinlaw Annie beat her Multiple Sclerosis!

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