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A housewife Jolly Begum is struggling with death due to lack of money. Asheeda Siddika Joly (19), the daughter of the wood clerk Jalal Uddin of Gopinathpur village under the Khana family's day brought Anna.

In the poor of the poor, the daughter of the girl gave the marriage of the father of the mother After the marriage, a little girl's daughter comes across a jolly coat. Once upon a time, the girl's daughter Jolly was born in a puff with a complicated disease. Trying to repair the disease with the help of a thornbush near the village's Kaviraj can not go to the doctor in the absence of Panta Poora to bring salt. But due to no improvement in the situation, the treatment in the Static Health Complex for a number of days. There was no improvement in the treatment of water. He gradually became physically dead. Due to the lack of money, how to deal with the disease, day after day try every day. So, in order to survive, the money started with the help of their relatives. The young child, who was deprived of the sick mother, came out of the laughter of the day.

But Kolkata Medical College Hospital rushed to the hospital to keep the smile on face to face the difficult test of destiny. There the doctors gave various experiments. The doctor said that the water valve was damaged after examining the report. To save him, he will have to take better treatment after taking him out of the country. And there is a lot of money needed for this treatment. My father's father fell on the head. It is not possible to collect so much money of the day laborer. There is nothing to do with a father for a girl, even though she is lying in front of the eye for money. In despair, the passer-by jali jumped his little child's daughter to Allah. Because he does not have the power to take medical treatment outside the country.

End all the confidence. To survive the struggle of nature's brutality, he is now looking at millions of people around the world. To save him for his child's daughter, self-hearted people from the millions of people in the world, if they came forward, would also extend their help with one rupee rupees. Only then he and his little child would have the opportunity to survive! To save a man, two lives will be saved with the help of billions of people in the world.


i'm student

i'm student



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