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Update posted by Abdel Miranda On Apr 09, 2018

Pope Francis - Gaudete et Exsultate: Some Catholics claim that it is a secondary issue alongside the "serious" issues of bioethics. To say something like this a politician concerned about his successes can be understood, but not a Christian, who only fits the attitude of putting himself in the shoes of that brother who risk his life to give his children a future." he says. Reflect in the third chapter on the ideologies that threaten the Gospel in the current context.

Some people read our story, and I am grateful for that simple gesture. And I will thank you forever.

Finally we lost our house and without even knowing where we could be or sleep at night, because not only those who used to be my friends (but with the only one exception of a true friendship that was willing to help us, my daughter and I, the same way as once when she need a similar favor, we help her, without asking any in return and without hesitation) and even family has turned back on us, but we trust in God that everything He decide me and my daughter going through, will become better.

And I'm still asking forgiveness for my sins and faults but at the same time, strength to keep going for my daughter and that He never leave us alone.

Bye and thanks

Update posted by Abdel Miranda On Mar 26, 2018

It was almost one month since I decide, even with shame and disappointment with myself for doing that, but holding hope, that maybe someone, in any place in the world could give us the hand.....

But now, through these difficult last days and weeks, I am sure that human kindness, generosity and good will is hard to find. Or maybe it is for me.

Maybe I have committed many sins in my life, maybe I have been not only bad Christian but bad human being, and maybe that's why things have not gone to me the best way or how I always want it happended to us.

But still, feeling a bad human being, and maybe for that reason I'm going through all this, but everything I've done has been for my daughter always, every single thing.

It's almost the end of March and I only have 25.30 dollars in the bank, but I still thank God for giving me one more day with my daughter and to be able to see her laugh.

Thank you for those two people that help us with a little money, and also those whom read our situation.

To all of you thank you from the deep of our heart


Update posted by Abdel Miranda On Mar 22, 2018

It has been almost two weeks since, feeling sorry and embarrassed, start this campaign to raise funds

And I thank with all my heart and in the name of my daughter and my own, those two people who have felt in their hearts, the desire to help us but in the same way to all those who have read our history

By the mere fact of reading it already for us, it is valuable and important.
And if you have shared it with their relatives, contacts and friends, it represents even more for us

From the depths of our hearts, thank you.

Sophie and Abdel

Update posted by Abdel Miranda On Mar 12, 2018

Kind of sad, because everything even when in some different places and all over internet, always is found the phrase: "The time of God is perfect"..... but it is so devastating for me every day, because as I was saying, everything it's getting worst and this desperate thing I thought maybe allow me to find an angel to help us.... seems to be the opposite.

Last week the 12 years old car I have start to damage and I know suddenly it will stop working.
I know the way my days goes, suddenly my daughter and I, will lose our home.
So right now I am not sure where will gonna go at the end of the month.

If the God's time is perfect, as I believe... it is so depressed to me going through this, and now even worst that I realize that at least for me, family doesn't mean that you can trust and find support when you need it most.

What a complete difference is for me when I say the word "Family"... and you know why? Because what my mom teach me..... I want to share the blog where I wrote about that family history... Only asking you for respect and confidentiality. The blog is in Spanish,

God bless you all and your family, and never, ever keep your family alone... that's the most important thing ever. Be there always no matter what.

Sophie and Abdel.


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