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Update posted by sumerset On Sep 10, 2013

Friday we got verbal notification that we are eligable for a type of modification. I am waiting on the paperwork to see it in writing :)  It has only been 34 months to get to this point... HURRAY !!!

I am truly feeling a bit dammed if I do and dammed if I don't as the transmission went on my little "94 Mitshubishi on Saturday. The car had some known issues and a transmision is expensive but I still need to get to work. I am so greatful to my son and his financee have let me use thier cars while Im trying to find parts and affordable repairs so far this week things have worked out.

I still keeping all in prayer and pushing forward. I know I will need to make a minimum of 3 trail payments on the modification but not sure if they have attached a balloon payment or how much of the past due they are moving to back of loan. THey did say they lowered intrest rate to 4.75% so that in itself should lower the payment about $160 or so.

Please keep positive thoughs and prayers going


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Update posted by sumerset On Sep 05, 2013

Well I got a phone message form specialist today while I was at work and couldn't reach her back,  so left a message. Will try to catch her at 6am our time to speak to her to find out why she was calling.....message was uninformative

Hopefully its an update they are reviewing things still ...or....Just maybe another paperwork .... or....Maybe actually a word on some type of a modification plan they have decided we are eligable for...

My thoughts are in prayer to make ot through tonight and actually get some sleep. I worrry  that the lower sumertime hours could affect the decision and not having the first cheque from the school district until Oct when school started in Aug (never seem to think it was end of month) didn't set welll withthe underwriter last year.

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Update posted by sumerset On Sep 01, 2013

Hi all

Thank all of you for your intrest in saving our home, I really do appreciate the emails of ideas and encouragement.  We are on hold again,  I'm not sure what is going on, but we have not received any further requests for paperwork as of yet we may be in the 10 day period to possiblly find out if we are eligable for some type of modification. I don't know and with it being a holiday I know we won't hear anything till next week at least.

This fund raiser hasn't managed to get any extra payments raised as of yet and Im extending the time frame for a few days just in hopes of co insiding with any required lump payment we may need to make if we get a modification.

Hope you are all having a great LAbour Day weekend !!


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Update posted by sumerset On Aug 28, 2013

Well paperwork that got sent in is being reviewed. If it is what is needed we can move forward...if not they will call again for more paperwork.

I called this morning early to find out as I had not heard anything and have only been able to leave messages with what had been sent in by my co-signer the day it was requested. Prayers do get answered.... especially when searching old boxes for one document to locate it so fast.

Again holding pattern ... "it will be reviewed by manager to be sent to underwritter and if every is good you could hear back in 7 to 10 days"

Did ask about the other underwriter and her family emergency, specialist didn't know how she was but knew she was back at work.

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Update posted by sumerset On Aug 26, 2013

We are still in holding pattern with newly requested paperwork needed from my co signer.  Getting some of this paperweok as to his retirement from 20 years ago is really a hassle for them as the current statements witr cost of living increases haven't been enough for the new underwriter handleing our file. HOpefully the new paperwork will be gotten to the bank this week by my co signer. I feel so helpless as I at times even have to call the bank to clairly what they need as the papers are nothing to do with me.

Were still praying for the orginal underwriter that all goes well with her emergency and for those of you have written us with your experiences with modifications and other life's struggles.

I appreciate your interest in saving our home. I only wish I could give you more information but the bank hasn't given us any yet either.

Thank you


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Update posted by sumerset On Aug 14, 2013

Okay got another call monday a little after 8 in the morning and all the paperwork between my co signer and me got into the bank yesterday between several another call today and have the additional pay stubs requested for one of my jobs ready to fax to them when I go out here in a few.  Again the specialist says that when she has these she can forward to the underwriter and we could have an answer in 7-10 days. I have hope, but that 'could' is really a scary thing. I just keep praying. I just worry with lower sumertime hours for me being an issue and wonder what other paperwork that could be requested and then concerned that my co signers income being figured will not accurately show my situation in needing a modification....Please keep the fundraiser going and forwarded to anyone I would love to be able just to get another payment in between what I can on my own to show them intent I want my home.....every little bit counts. 

Thanks for reading and caring about our home. God Bless

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Update posted by sumerset On Aug 10, 2013

Thank you for another donation!! Your kindness is greatly appreciated and does give us a ray of hope that we will be able to keep our home.

We are still dealing with more paperwork requests, which are not as stratigh foreward as they seem .... so for the first part my co signer will be faxing a statement for clarification and copies of other documents. I hope that this willbe what the underwriter needs. The second part has me sending more pay stubs in for additional months and signing a statement that was already faxed them.

Still haunting me the statement made by the underwriter why I even have an FHA loan, as from he see the paperwork I wouldn't have been eligable for one.  It makes me wonder if we are sending paperwork for a modification or for the bank to find ways to get the house anyways.


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Update posted by sumerset On Aug 01, 2013

I was really getting worried about no call from bank this week...well I got a call today and found out the underwriter who had the file had an extreme family emergency.  I pray that God will be with her and her family for what ever the emergency is.

We did a conference call with the new underwriter and got some things clarified verbally on the call but I got a list for both me and my co signer of documents he needs to work with the file. He also said that he will be using my co signer's information and income because he is on the loan.  After that statement.... even with the specialist stating that he is one of thier best underwriters and prolly the best to work on my file......I don't feel overly comforted.

HE said it is a fresh start for the file with him and needs the additional information and clarifications to be able to see about the best modification possible for me.

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Update posted by sumerset On Jul 21, 2013

TOok me a week to get all paperwork together, finding one of the documents they needed in a fax to them from 27 Oct 2013...guess I didn't refile everything.  Everything got into them now, again. Im waitin but almost feel queezy about it now.....odd thing underwritter not counting co signers income as it is not coming into my house and with it there unrealistically reflects actual situation....sounds great but not so clear on how they are doing it as still being told that he'll ahve to sign but have him removed from property deed....but sounds like a truer picture and discussion going on with underwriter now.

All I can do is  wait to see if it moves forward, has more paperwork, if the set up payment will be affordable to go through with modification or if it will fall through....please keep us and the people at the bank handling our modification in your prayers...and forward our fundraiser to anyone you think could possiblly help get us closer to the verbilized $5,000. payment at least it is less than over $9,000 we have past due.

Thanks for your intrest in saving our home :)

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Update posted by sumerset On Jul 13, 2013

I got the confrence call on Friday, it came a little later than scheduled even though I was working a cleaning job I got to take it.  I have several statements of clarification to make and send in other supporting duplicates at this point. THe coversation sounded positive and as if they were actually wading through the paperwork thay have already received so far, and were heading forward. I guess after the underwriter there is another department that deals with the file for the modification, but I am understanding the underwriter makes the disicission if a modification process is available for the situation.  Im still praying that any required payment will not be too large for us to handle.

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I understand where life has taken you and what you are facing with the "BIG BROTHER" in the bank and the endless paperwork. Don't give up You are right to not trust the bank and find other avenues to try and get the past due paid. May God bless your efforts and make it possible for you to accomplish keeping your home.


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