After nearly three years (since April 2017!) at it,

it is time to throw in the towel. At least here.

While the ARIOSO CD project is still very much alive, we believe that the Crowdfunding has run its course. We will continue our efforts to get ARIOSO produced elsewhere: CD, The Making Of, videos, concerts.

Bear in mind that some of the greatest works took many years to produce. Without the pretension of comparing ourselves to the greats, merely to make the point: That first Harry Potter book that kicked off the famous series took from 1990 to 1997 from idea to publication. The Godfather took from 1967 to 1972 from the buying of the rights until the first airing of the movie. Other movies: Avatar ten years; Boyhood, twelve. So we are by no means giving up. We are focusing.

Follow us, if you will, on

Email [email protected] or call with your questions: +31 6 52 121 770

(We're in The Hague, The Netherlands)

All best,

Karen & Gustavo


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Dear Crowdfunders,

This is a short note to tell you where we stand.

Those on our mailing list may already have read the update, which was included in the newsletter sent on 17 November 2018 (New Promo Video CC&J | Short News - attached below).

Due to circumstances (a personal loss in September that affected a great part of this year), the ARIOSO CD project has been delayed more than we ideally would've liked. Please rest assured that no one would like to see this project realized more than us.

ARIOSO is very much alive and we plan to move forward with ideas to finance this piano trio CD project as soon as possible in 2019. Click on the video on the main page for a reminder of what ARIOSO is.

Kind regards,

Karen and Gustavo

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The crowdfunding has so far been successful in ensuring the important step of rehearsing with the piano trio musicians in Berlin in June 2017 and confirming their commitment to and rightness for this project. As it became clear that the crowdfunding would not suffice to actually produce the ARIOSO CD, we have been considering and researching alternative possibilities.

We have now entered a new phase, in which our aim is to get the CD recorded as soon as possible. We have determined that – with some adjustment – this may be done with half of the remaining sum, €10.000, and that we can then potentially execute the rest of the project – including distribution and PR – in subsequent phases.

... to focus on. We are hoping to secure half of this new sum of €10.000 from a CD subsidy institution, matching the other half provided by another sponsor … or loan provider (for which we are willing to discuss terms, please contact us directly*). What we are saying is, if we can find €5000, there is a good chance that this will be matched.

After 4 years of waiting since the ARIOSO arrangements were finished by Gustavo in 2014 – we will finally be able to RECORD. And once the CD exists we are very confident that the product will help clarify why it had to be made and why it deserves further support, promotion and attention.

Our current focus in the new phase is therefore to chase those €5000 with all that we’ve got. We haven’t come this far to give up. We owe it to ourselves, the project … and the crowdfunders. Since our new focus is so absolute, we will be doing less updates here.

We have decided to keep the campaign open, because while the ARIOSO CD has not been recorded, our efforts towards doing so will be ongoing. Any smaller contributions to the crowdfunding will still go to the many other aspects of the ARIOSO production: Bear in mind that we still have €10.000 to go, and that the original total sum had been discounted with regard to the real cost of ARIOSO, to help ensure funding.

We would again like to thank all crowdfunders for your generous support. Remember that many great, big projects – like this one – take time to realize. Our commitment to you stands and we will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

* [email protected]

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We have decided to extend the end date of this campaign through the first week of January 2018.

We need more time.

As we also indicated in our previous two updates; although we haven't received donations for a while, we are working hard behind the scenes to realize this project, also by pursuing alternative funding.

In the meantime, we have also been busy with other opportunities, with great results: Check out the upcoming concerts on the website and/or sign up for us to keep you informed.

We need more time

  1. to ensure that our research and efforts towards alternative funding are as thorough and extensive as possible,
  2. to tap into potential new audiences by exploring online avenues,
  3. and to think up new incentives.

And we would also like to keep the campaign open in case of spontaneous incidental donations; in case one of the big sponsors we are trying to contact prefers to use this avenue and in case of inspiration within our fanbase during the holidays.

In the meantime we are attaching the last of the videos resulting from the recordings during that all-important Berlin rehearsal, the first milestone in this crowdfunding campaign. Haven't read the report? Find it here.

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In line with our previous update, we had an interesting talk at the beginning of the week about how to proceed with this project and got some promising leads, with great thanks to Mirto and Jenny Laclé for their time.

In addition steps are being taken towards alternative funding and direct approach of potential sponsors including talks to the bank and our bookkeeper.

The campaign is alive!


Picture by Richard Braakenburg: Karen with Mirto and Jenny Laclé at the Cuban Classical & Jazz by two Cuban masters concert on 3 September 2017.

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Although it might seem that nothing much is happening...

It is true, things have been a bit slow in recovering from the awareness that our fanbase wasn't strong enough to more elaborately support this crowdfunding.

In the meantime, however, we have been making an inventory of how we are going to get there,


Besides continuing our regular activites (Photo: KyG in action at the Cuban Classical & Jazz concert on 3 September 2017, courtesy of Richard Braakenburg), we are currently actively working behind the scenes and are gathering advice and information about alternative financing.

In the meantime we are contemplating what we can do to revive this crowdfunding and are considering whether we should extend its deadline again.

Thanks to all who have supported us so far and helped to get us to Berlin. If anyone with big money sees this - we are willing to accept a loan with an open payback date as (part of the) funding.

We will continue to push until we reach our goal.


Karen & Gustavo

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We are very grateful for all the views, shares, likes and comments we received - especially on Facebook - in relation to the video of the recordings from the Berlin rehearsal, which mainly constituted a compilation of the music.

This is more of a 'The Making Of' to give an impression of the proceedings in Berlin, in case you didn't catch it in the newsletter.

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FINALLY! It took 2-3 weeks but we are there: We can offer a complete report on the first milestone in this project, achieved with the help of our generous backers: The rehearsal in Berlin at the end of June.

Click here for the report in English.

Klik hier voor het rapport in het Nederlands.

Haga clic aquí para el reporte en el Español.

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Reynaldo Maceo was granted a scholarship to study in Russia by the Cuban government for artistic merits. Graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with master Vladimir Malinin he obtained the title ‘Master of Fine Arts’ in the category of concert performer and the graduation prize in the specialty of chamber music and quartet with maestros Dimitri Shebalin and Sergei Petchugin, respectively members of the prestigious Borodín and Shostakovich quartets.

He collaborated as a soloist with the Astrakhan chamber orchestra at the Music Festival in Lima (Peru) and the Bach-Vivaldi Festival in the city of Penza (Russia) and recorded for Russian radio and television with the Samara Philharmonic Orchestra. With the symphony orchestra of Yekaterinburg he executed the Russian premiere of the violin concert of the famous violinist and Cuban composer José White.

Maceo has performed in several countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, England, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Morocco, Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico etc. He has taught violin and master classes organized by the University of Getafe in Madrid and in Cali (Colombia) he was a violin teacher at the ‘Padre Soler’ conservatory in El Escorial. He has been living in Madrid since 1993 and is a member of the Community of Madrid Orchestra, with which he took part in a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Founder and first violin of Cuarteto Assai, with which he has performed in prestigious venues throughout Spain and abroad. With this quartet he participated in the recording of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Carne Tremula’ by Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. On 11 April 2006 Cuarteto Assai made its debut in London playing in the prestigious Wigmore Hall.

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Having grown up in a family of musicians Douglas Vistel began to study the cello at the Conservatorio Esteban Salas in Santiago de Cuba, with teachers Sarvelio Crespo, John Givorkian and Alla Pajomova among others. He studied at the National School of Arts, a student of Alina Neyra, Michail Kustov and Alexander Zhirov. Laureate of the national competitions Alejandro Garcia Caturla and Amadeo Roldán, Vistel received a scholarship to study at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, where he graduated in 1991 under the tutelage of Prof. Maria Tchaikovskaia. Semifinalist of the international competitions Jeunesses Musicales Belgrade and ‘P.I.Tchaikovski’ in Moscow.

Vistel has extensive experience as a solo cellist in chamber and symphony orchestras and chamber music festivals. Having worked in almost every musical direction – from early music to the avant-garde, as well as Latin, pop, rock and jazz – Vistel is the first Cuban cellist to play the 6 solosuites of J.S. Bach in concert. As a composer, several of his several chamber music pieces were premiered by him in the chamber concert series of the New York Philharmonic in November 2011.

His pedagogical work has included giving courses in cello and chamber music in conservatories in Germany, Spain, Cuba and Mexico. He was also a judge of the international competitions ‘Gaspar Cassadó’ (Spain) and ‘Kurt Schwaen’ (Germany) and has recorded for Russian television, for the Franco-German channel ‘Arte’ and for the record label Kreuzberg Records.

Vistel is the founder and artistic director of VISTÉL’S CelloMusikSalon, the first concert space in Berlin specializing in music for cello. VISTÉL'S CelloMusikSalon is also the only music hall of its kind in the world.

Operating from this home base and his company CubaKlassik, Vistel’s current artistic work focuses on the ‘Cello Capriccioso’ Project which employs innovative concepts like private, ‘à la carte’ and spontaneous concerts to offer its knowledgeable audience a more intimate and intense musical experience, while – at the same time – giving the less experience public the opportunity to become better acquainted with the music for the cello and deepen their knowledge and enjoyment of the richness of this instrument from the unusual and relaxed perspective of a personal conversation.

Douglas Vistel performing with his wife and partner, pianist Almuth Krausser-Vistel as the Duo Cello Capriccioso.

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THANK YOU! Hans Wallin for your generous donation and interest in KyG’s music overall... Mr. Wallin is the first person to receive a complex KyG composition for potential performance other than ourselves.

KyG Productions Karen Russel and Gustavo Corrales Romero

Posted On Jun 21, 2017



Backed with €25.00 On Jun 20, 2017


THANK YOU KEES ROEST for keeping the momentum in our online donations! Some backers are extra-special to us - this is one of them.

KyG Productions Karen Russel and Gustavo Corrales Romero

Posted On Jun 08, 2017


Kees Roest

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KyG Productions Karen Russel and Gustavo Corrales Romero

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KyG Productions Karen Russel and Gustavo Corrales Romero

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Everine Dirksz

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Aimee Poveda

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Thank you to our most appreciated anonymous donors and to Xavier Lobao, both for your generous donation and your encouraging, supportive comments - it gives us the strength to continue the campaign!

KyG Productions Karen Russel and Gustavo Corrales Romero

Posted On Apr 28, 2017


Go for the self-funded artistic creation! Gustavo is a fantastic pianist and has made a wonderful set of compositions and arrangements. I'm looking forward to a successful campaign and to have the new CD in my hands

Xavier Lobao

Backed with €50.00 On Apr 27, 2017

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