$5 Feeds a Child in Rural India for 1 Month. Please Help!

Survivor couple Lee Carseldine & Elena Rowland are volunteering in a rural school in Bodhgaya, India and need your help to feed & educate children living in severe poverty in one of the poorest regions of India. About the Campaign Every $5 donation feeds 1 child a nourishing lunch for an entire month. It takes only $5 to feed a child a nutritious school lunch for an entire month. Sadly, some children living in severe poverty, rely solely on this as their main meal for the day. This incredible rural Indian school providing free education is struggling and needs our help. At a cost of AUD $0.25 p/child p/meal, our goal is to raise AUD $5,000 to feed the entire school of 500 students for 2 whole months and help see them through financial difficulties. Every single donation, goes directly to the cause. About The School Lunch Project The project is centered around a rural school which caters to the most vulnerable communities living in severe poverty in Eastern India. The students come from the surrounding villages which lack basic infrastructure and without this school, would have virtually no access to education. The reality of unjust social hierarchy simply does not allow children of poor families to receive an education. The school is the first of it’s kind in this area as such it has faced incredible resistance from the village elites with a lack of understanding of the community benefits associated with ‘new’ knowledge systems and formal education opportunities, … Continue reading $5 Feeds a Child in Rural India for 1 Month. Please Help!