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In Beautiful Costa Rica, we build our dream and you have the option to get involved in this amazing place

I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest - to drink it to the brim and wipe your lips

We are the Heliraz family

We have always been looking for the perfect place to live the ultimate life we could find

We searched in different places in the world and after a search that reached as far as Panama, we found ourselves in Costa Rica.

They say life has its course

Today we understand it in such a clean, powerful, and yet simple way

Like the powerful nature

for several years we have had a dream of establishing a holistic retreat center.

A place where you can recharge with all the amazing energy that our place has to offer

A place that, beyond retreats, will offer living in the spirit of sustainability

A center that combines the art of body and mind

A center where there will be a place for every person who wants to come and learn, to enrich himself and his soul

This way you can enjoy Taekwondo training, yoga, meditation, massages, a rich and nourishing diet taken from diverse worlds such as raw food, Asian cooking and various cuisines, and vegetarian and vegan kitchens.

enriching lectures in various fields of personal development as well as the ecological interior design

we want to give the world - the gift of designing our personal lives in every aspect.

In a world where the only certain thing is change - we give you the place to come and recharge

The inclusive and educational center we are building gives each person the place to be himself

to reach and be filled with an infinite wealth of inner strength

coming from nature

An ecological study center where every person can come, rest...put down his wandering backpack and come and absorb information that is enriching and new for him

Information that will contribute to his life and give him the tools he needs to move up where he is interested

We chose to put down our wandering backpack' - with 2 children and a huge vision for the near future

On a 167-hectare farm in northern Costa Rica, we are building heaven on earth

A farm with pristine and primeval nature

Waterfalls, natural swimming pools

360 Virtues of heavenly nature and charging with incredible energy

In a place with an explosive and infinite nature

A place where there is room for the soul to grow by learning and reconnecting with the good that our world has to give.

The center will be operated by the best professionals here in Costa Rica and will provide a different health reality, a reality that our world so needs and thirsts for.

The farm is an easy drive away

From Arenal Volcano and the magical towns of La Fortuna and San Ramon.

A charming little city with perfect weather,

At a height of 1057 meters above sea level

with the local population and people from all over the world

So you can see here various communities,

Here you can find an indigenous population that has lived here for hundreds of years and lives the tradition of their ancestors, alongside Costa Ricans and people from the West

We believe in organic sustainability and therefore everything that will be on the farm will be built according to these guidelines

The houses we build for our guests are ecological and made only of natural materials

Their design is at the highest level and planned and designed with very advanced thinking of efficient interior design level

Ecological design that puts nature at the center and man integrates into it

The concept of integrating the outdoors into the home is not just a concept in the design process but a real milestone

We live the ecology in every moment of our lives and our personal belief is that what we do and live by we can pass on

So, Where do we stand now? We are here - on the land

We build the progress in stages

So we can establish the basics as best as possible and then move on

To fulfill our dream in the best possible way

On the farm, over 1500 yielding fruit trees were planted, cocoa, avocado, cinnamon, cashew, sugar cane, guanabana, fresh water, a greenhouse for growing organic vegetables, a natural fish pond - pleasant sun and wind....the spirit of giving.

So, Why should you participate in our project? We are not asking for a donation

we allow you to influence and contribute

To know that you too can walk with an energetic footprint and create a world of goodness

There is a story about a great spiritual teacher

In a remote city somewhere in exile there lived a great spiritual teacher.

His name was known all over the country

And many made an effort to him to consult his advice and discover the hidden.

He was able to see things

that human beings of the people could not see and did not understand with their intellect.

One day a wise man stood up

and decided to examine ..... whether there is any basis in this wise man's greatness.

The student entered the wise man's room...... and addressed him: "Rabbi and teacher, I heard about

Your insights are wonderful,....... and your actions are great, please tell me -

I am holding in my hand a butterfly

Is he dead?"

The rabbi smiled, lowered his eyes, and answered the student:

"The answer is in your hands and not in mine-

If you want, tightly close your hands - and die.

If you want, open the palms of your hands wide and he will fly up high - and he will live."

The question is in your hands now -would you like to give of yourself so that we can contribute to our world

and fulfill our dream our dream to contribute and touch every person who chooses to cross his path with us.

our circle of giving touches and will touch many, many people around the world during the time to come

We are not asking for a donation, but rather giving you a valuable product for you -

yes, we have a lot of experience and would be happy to give you some of it so that you can

Convert your results starting from this moment

Giving comes in a wide variety of ways

We have a wide variety of gifts for you that will contribute to your everyday life

Our world needs a different spirit - we hope to see you with us on the road

You have the opportunity

Thank you.


A thank-you letter

a thank-you letter Every donation is a world in its entirety - and that\\\\\\\'s how we treat it There is good in every person - the letter is a reminder of your spirit of giving -

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Online class in Home design HD format

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Online lesson - what is the first step in relocation HD format

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Home design online course 2 lessons HD format

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Relocation group session

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Laor\'s private consultation for the design of the private home

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