Help us bring education to remote island kids in Fiji

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at those fancy tropical resorts? On a recent volunteering trip to Fiji, we discovered how the remote island communities REALLY live. And it’s a far cry from sunset cocktails, snorkelling tours, and all-you-can-eat buffets. You see, the REAL Fiji is still a developing nation. On the mainland, things aren’t so tough, but on the remote island communities, they’re dealing with no running water, no electricity, and not enough jobs for everyone. Diabetes, heart disease, and other preventable diseases are hitting the people hard. They’re eating a diet high in salt, sugar and processed foods and are slowly killing themselves. We believe the answer begins with education. But sadly, the kids at the Namamanuca Island School are struggling with even basic English and reading, and are well behind the national average. This is a problem because when it’s time for high school, the only option is a boarding school on the mainland, where they will promptly find themselves struggling to keep up with the other kids. They don’t have the same technology at their fingertips as the rest of Fiji either – we saw no fancy smartphones on the island, and only 2 laptops at the school which were shared by all the teachers. To get them up to speed, the school community has started building a computer lab… but there’s one problem – no computers! This is where you come in. We are hoping to buy 15 iPad-style tablets which … Continue reading Help us bring education to remote island kids in Fiji