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(Sorry for my bad english)

Hello everyone, my name is Matías Rosas, I am 32 years old, I am from Montevideo Uruguay and I work as an astronomy teacher. I am halfway through my career as a teacher. Currently my country is in periods of change, one of them is educational. In 2023 there will be an educational reform promoted by the country's government and there are risks that many teachers will be without work. Astronomy from time to time is extremely likely to be one of those affected since it is only taught one year in the 6 years of high school, only 2 hours per week and its permanence has been staggering for several years. The difference is that several years ago there was no reform, while that of 2023 is a fact. The government has already cut about $ 50 million in the education budget. It doesn't look like a good future.

Given all these circumstances and the uncertainty about my future work is that I am here. I intend to change careers, and start studying in 2022 the career of medical physicist at the university of sciences. Several years ago I was struck by the fact of being able to study and work on something scientific that helps in people's health. Although I would like to continue related to astronomy in some way or another (since it is my passion) I feel the need to change of scene and I really like this new career.

So why am I here exactly?

First of all, I have several debts to pay, which means that I have to work long hours and the time to study is quite low. Also, astronomy has only 2 hours per week of class, so I must have at least 15 groups added to hours of astronomical observatory. The worst thing is that although I can have 30-40 hours of class per week, it does not imply that I have 40 hours of face-to-face work, since the schedules that the educational institution can generate that have free hours between each group. I know, because it has happened to me countless times, that with the hours of work that I have to take it is going to make it impossible for me to attend the university in person. And I need to. I do not intend to stop working, but I do have a workload that allows me to attend 100% of my classes at the university and cover my monthly expenses.

I live in my mother's house with my grandmother, with my salary and my expenses it is absolutely impossible for me to rent something and even if I can, the cost of living in Uruguay is really high, with salaries not too good. I really want to do a degree in medical physics and if I have enough time I would also do physics with an astronomical orientation (since the subjects are practically the same until the 4th semester). The career of medical physicist interests me a lot because it is basically physics applied to medicine, being able to work to help other people based on science is something fantastic. On the other hand, the idea of being an astronomer always interested me, apart from the fact that Uruguay does not study the branch of astronomy that interests me, which is cosmology.

If I could plan my life from 2022 on, I would like to study as a medical physicist and astronomer (my first priority being my priority) and emigrate. I want something better for my life.

What would you use the money for?

Obviously it would cover my debts. They are literally killing me. If I could work enough and necessary to be able to eat and help financially at home, I am sure that I can do whatever I set out to do in college.

So if anyone wishes to collaborate, any help will be welcome. Any proof you want to see to make sure of everything you can ask me at [email protected]

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.


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