Help the cat recover from an accident

Update posted by Cher Cher On Oct 20, 2020

Finally, I've managed to get the X-ray scans from SPCA. I was under the impression that they had already arrange for the specialist to see her, but no. Hence, I've called them again to book a consultation with the specialist, Dr McGuire from Beecroft. He will be seeing ah Meow on 22nd Oct... According to SPCA, she has a ulna and hermerus fracture on the same limb... It seems to be very serious but i'm keeping my fingers crossed... May she escape the fate of being a three-legged cat.

On side note, if anyone is keen to foster/adopt her, do let me know... I hate to leave her at SPCA and I would definitely love to keep her if I have the means to, but my current home is not feasible. Do discuss with me by email if you're able to help...

You can also email me if you're keen to donate but would like to bypass the platform charges... (gogetfunding deducts quite a bit of the proceedings!)

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