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Update posted by Siena Elise Cristobal On Aug 14, 2018

From Mama's latest blood test and check up last August 10, her doctor said she's doing great! Mama is responding well to medications and no other health issues or risk present. As long as she stays healthy and infection free until the last week of August, we'll proceed with her 3rd chemo cycle by August 30.

We continue to exhaust every help we could get for her treatments. I will be heading out this week to seek government assistance again for this cycle, and process government papers to be granted other financial assistance possible.

Your help got us all this way in our CLL journey. With your help we are able to sustain the previous months and Chemo cycles and I am able to take care of my Mama full time. Not just around the house, or helping her during her confinement and after care from chemo but also give my Mama the emotional support she needs during this trying times.

We are still seeking generous hearts and channels of blessing to help us get through the coming cycle.

We greatly appreciate everyone who continually prays, encourage and donate.

Update posted by Siena Elise Cristobal On Aug 02, 2018

We got home yesterday after 3 1/2 days in the hospital.

Mom is responding well with the medication and her blood test results are really good.

She was given lower dosage this cycle because of how well her first cycle went. Based on her blood test, it seems like her cancer cells are not there anymore but we still need to push through the remaining cycles to be sure there won't be any left.

Our doctor also informed us that recent studies on her Chemo med showed that patients who went through the chemo had their immune system compromised for longer period of time. Although she was able to maintain good resistance against viruses, we are to take extra precautions still.

That is the challenging part, isolation is very difficult for us since its just the two of us around. Doing regular chores that requires going out is a bit risky, that's why we take extra precautions.

Please pray for Mom to have stronger resistnace as it is impossible for us to really just stay at home (groceries and other errand runs) and provisions for the remaining 4 cycles she has left.

Thank you to everyone that supported us. We are truly blessed.

Update posted by Siena Elise Cristobal On Jul 27, 2018

This month has been a challenge, as a result of Mom going to DSWD for financial assistance she got Pneumonia. Good thing we can easily go to different hospitals where her doctor has her schedule and was able to consult and follow up immediately. Because of this, her treatment was delayed for a week. Last Tuesday (July 24) she was cleared by her doctor and was scheduled for her second chemo on July 30 - 31.

We are amazed with all the love and support we received after her first cycle. Despite the lack of help from PSCO and DSWD (Government offices) we are able to raise enough money for this cycle and for the hospitalization expenses as well.

Our hearts are filled with thanks to everyone who helped us. From words of encouragements, prayers, acts of service and financial help. We are truly blessed and we cannot thank you enough.

We continue to seek generous hearts to help us for her 4 remaining cycles.

Please keep on sharing this to reach more generous hearts who could help us in every way.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone that helped in extending my Mom's life. 4 more cycles, more months.

Update posted by Siena Elise Cristobal On Jul 04, 2018

Good Day!

Its been a week since Mom's first cycle, and GREAT NEWS! She is responding well to medications!

The results on her blood test are great, her wbc is down, a bit below normal, but that is expected. Her rbc is okay, decrease in the size of her spleen, and other components are doing well. We are just to monitor her uric acid levels and her kidneys as the medication tends to increase uric acid and could have an effect on her kidneys. To address those issues, she is under low purine diet and maintenance medications.

Thank you so much for all your help and support to get her through this first cycle. We couldn't thank everyone enough who helped us go through this tough time.

We still need 5 more to get her through this. We are appealing to your hearts again to extend financial help for Mom's medication.

Please share this campaign to help us reach generous hearts who would and could help Mom extend her life.

As an only daughter and sole care taker of my Mom, this is really challenging. Going to different government agencies and politicians, lining up as early as 5am and sometimes be turned down because of the lack of documents to present and go home in the afternoon is really tough. With your help, it could lessen our worries and focus on taking care and helping Mom recover.

Thank you for all your support. We are forever grateful.


Siena Elise Cristobal

Update posted by Siena Elise Cristobal On Jun 19, 2018


Here is the timeline for Mom's 1st cycle of chemo treatment

June 20 - Basic blood work and hospital admission.

Mom will be having a series of blood test to check her current blood condition then, we'll be lining up for any vacant rooms in the hospital. Getting rooms in this hospital is pretty hard and we had our names listed for this day a week a head but still no guarantee what time and exactly what kind of private room we'll be having. Due to the nature of Mom's condition, she needs to be in private room to avoid getting infected.

Mom's hematologist will be checking the clearances given by her Gastroenterologists and Infectious Disease doctors. Giving the final go signal for Mom's treatment.

June 21 - Claiming Chemo meds and start of chemo session

I will be waking up early to acquire the meds for the treatment. Have to be there early to be the first in line as their distribution and availability is in first come first served basis. Upon acquisition, I will be heading back to the hospital so we can start the treatment.

June 22 - Con't of chemo session and observation

The administration of chemo drugs is said to last for two days. While on this Mom will also be observed for side effects.

Please do pray for Mom's sustained strength as chemo drugs will further weaken her immune system. With this in mind, family and friends who wish to visit and drop by are advised to wear masks and be sure to be clear of respiratory infections, colds and cough.

June 23 - 24 - Observation and discharge

As Mom will be continually observed we are still not sure of the side effects and days we have to stay. Although we are given until June 24 at most. During this period, along with observations, Mom will also be treated for any side effects that may arise.

Again, please do pray for her sustained strength and no severe side effects.

After months of long wait, finally we will be able to treat mom. All her medical expenses; doctor's appointments, medications and laboratory tests were all made possible because of your generous hearts.

But this is just the first of her 6 cycles, we still have 5 more. Praying there would no longer be additional medical expenses (such as infections or side effects) we still need to raise more funds.

We will continue to seek financial help from government offices and have other fund raiser activities such as garage sales etc. And we are praying for your continuous support in extending my Mom's life.

We thank you for all your prayers, encouragement and help, all these mean the world to us and helps us fight CLL.

Until the next update!




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