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Text-based online roleplaying is an artistic expression where people from all over the world can come together in groups to write stories together, create characters, build amazing worlds out of nothing but their own words and imagination. Even create fanfictions of existing creations of other artists.

I would like to create a social media platform for role-players to help them find like minded individuals, create communities, use helpful tools to create their own stories easier.

I am a university student at Balikesir, studying Computer Engineering. I need funds and people to help me develop this new social media platform.

What are the features going to be?

First of all, it will feature normal day to day social media features like profiles, walls to share thoughts on public or private, profile pictures, custom statutes and alike. These will be a part of the social aspect of the things. The website will not force people to use their real names, photos or other private data unlike website like facebook. To protect children, there will be strict moderation against harassment or predatory behaviour as well as a user report system.

On the roleplay side of things, people will be able to create their role-play communities, these will include information pages, moderation features for the admins of the community, location chatting rooms(each room can be used to represent a location in their universe), biography lists, an economy system for in-roleplay items and commerce, item systems and inventories for each character, character creation tools and more. These features are there to enhance the user experience.

Say, you are writing about a fantasy world with your friends, each of you have sets of characters for yourselves which you can make by using the built-in character designer or upload their picture and write their backstory by hand. Your characters will have their own inventories and the money you designed for your world like gold for example. You will be able to use this money and the inventory system within your community in the community's very own marketplace. Allowed users can make items or exchange their money for in-roleplay services. The character creator will also optionally contain stats for the characters and rolling tools will be included, similar to DnD.

World building tools will include custom clocks, timers, calenders, map creators, timelines and location backstories as well as location chats to write on with custom backgrounds, fonts and security/privacy features. You can build any sort of dungeon for your roleplayer friends to go through easily and reward them with XP, in roleplay currency, stats buffs or things not limited by your imagination.

The communities will self-moderate and will have their own privacy settings for allowing who to write in there. There are countless more features I have in mind but without funding, this DnD Social Platform is impossible to create.


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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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