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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Nov 25, 2020

Hello everyone! This is going to be a long update ฅ'ω'ฅ

Last 13th of November, I had Kyu and Nana visit the vet to remove their spay stitches and have an additional checkup.

We went to a local vet just 20 minutes away from our home - Dr. S & J.

We had an appointment for 9am, and I felt very safe with the vet's regulations regarding our city's general community quarantine. They only allowed limited number of clients at a time inside the clinic, with strict protocol for face masks and social distancing.

The staff were very friendly and professional, and the vet was very kind and gentle.

Nana went first, and besides her crying out due to being a drama queen (no seriously, they were only removing her stitches and cleaning her ears), the vet told me she was in good health and her spay wound is almost completely healed up.

When it was Kyu's turn, she was very calm and quiet. She loved having her ears cleaned! But sadly, we were given the news that she is having a small amount of white discharge at her operation site. We were prescribed with stronger antibiotics, to be taken twice a day for one week.

I also had them give the cats Advocate, which is a formula for anti-worm, anti-mange, anti-tick, etc.

We spent a total of PHP 1,500 (around 31 USD) for the vet visit.

After that, the cat food I ordered for them arrived on the same day!

These were around PHP 715 (around 15 USD). The Cuties Catz were PHP 113 each, and the canned Whiskas were PHP 75 each. So far, the cats are torn in choosing the best between the seafood and tuna & shrimp flavor. I think I'll just buy the seafood flavor next time.

Currently, Kyu just finished her week of antibiotics, and her operation wound is now dry without any discharge! But I'll be keeping her on cone for another week, just to be sure 😅.

Nana, on the other hand, is jumping around full of energy as she is fully healed! Mama Lily is still taking care of her new litter - all four male kittens - and they are all going to be adopted on December.

Now, I ordered the cats' beds online around 3 weeks ago, and they have finally arrived!

I ordered two of them and it had a total of PHP 666 (around 14 USD) including the shipping fee. The size was perfect for them, although the adults - Lily, Nana, and Kyu - prefer the gray one.

This is Lily, pawing on the new bed:

The two beds also fit perfectly inside the cage. And Lily's new litter also enjoys them!

Once again, thank you so much for continuing to support this fundraiser. That's all for now, see you on the next update! Take care ♡ฅ'ω'ฅ♡ !

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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Nov 13, 2020

Frankly, it's been more of a challenge to find a proper internet connection to post updates than to buy the cats' needs.


This update is to showcase the recent purchases I made for the cats! (I feel so rich buying all these (╥﹏╥) even though it's not my money haha).

These are all WAY out of my budget, so it's really all thanks to the people who supported this fundraiser!

First, their e-collars!

I bought one for each of them, with the design around the neck area to be made of a soft, foamy material for their comfort.

It was quite a hurdle to make them get used to the e-collars at first. Kyu kept putting one of her front legs through the collar so I had to adjust the cones to prevent this. It was also funny to see Nana walking backwards when we first put the cone on her. Too bad we weren't able to take a video!

Currently, they are now comfortable and used to the e-collars! The two cones costs PHP 340 (around 7 USD).

Next, their very own cage!

I bought the large sized one where they can stretch, sleep, and walk around comfortably, both at the same time. I temporarily put a large, thick towel as their sleeping mattress because the pillow and bed that I ordered online for them haven't arrived yet.

The cage is collapsible and has two openings, one at the top and the other at the side. It has a double lock feature to make sure they won't be able to open the cage and escape unnoticed.

The cage costs PHP 1,550 (around 32 USD). The material making up the cage is lightweight yet very sturdy, and easy to clean!

And I was finally able to buy them their little food bowl (the blue one)! Before all this, we were feeding them using empty containers of ice cream. Sadly, the store didn't have other shapes available for the food bowl.

*I can't find the picture of the food bowl, I'll post it later. Sorry!*

This is the digital receipt for my purchases:

It still bugs me that everything is labeled as products for "dogs" and not just a general term like "pet", but oh well, what can you do?

Anyway, my total purchase that day (5th of November) was PHP 1,850 (around 39 USD)! I got a little discount from the store 😅


On November 8, eight days after their spay operation, Kyu needed a checkup as she was able to remove her stitches! I woke up seeing the condition of her operation area MISSING SOME STITCHES so as a first time cat owner, I had her scheduled for a vet appointment.

⚠️ The following photo contains wound from spay operation. Please view with caution! ⚠️

The doctor examined her and prescribed us an extension and additional dosage of the antibiotics. But overall, she was FINE.

Thank GOD!

The checkup cost was PHP 150 (around 3 USD). It was by our local non-profit organization, BACH Project.

Today, on the 13th of November, we went to a private veterinarian to have their stitches officially removed. I also made Nana and Kyu have their ears cleaned.

Our next adventure to the clinic will be on the next update!

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who supported this fundraiser!

Take care! ♡ฅ'ω'ฅ♡

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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Nov 04, 2020

This should've been posted a few days ago, but we encountered problems with the internet connection (we're only sharing with our neighbors). I had to connect to someone else's hotspot as we don't have our own internet ( ̄▽ ̄;)7

SO! Nana and Kyu finally finished their spay operation! *throws confetti* *applause*

♪!☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆!

I contacted BACH Project--a local non-profit organization that provides low-cost spays & neutering--and luckily, we were able to get a spot AND they were only located around 30 minutes away from our house!

Sadly, they don't receive payment through paypal, so I had to transfer the funds to my bank account asap. The screenshot above basically translates to me registering Nana and Kyu to their low-cost spay and their vaccination for anti-rabies. The total was only PHP 2,500 (around 53USD) for the two of them!

As it was the kittens' first time traveling, I had to hold on to their carrier during the journey in order not to jostle them too much. I also covered the crate with a big towel to not overwhelm their senses, but sadly, I wasn't able to take a picture of our travel.

The photo below was taken as we were waiting for our turn at the vet. Brace yourselves for the cuteness!


*haha* It seems that Nana and Kyu were holding each other's paws for support! (or is that just me imagining things?)

We had to wait for quite a while, but fortunately, the two were asleep for almost the entire wait. I was the one anxious though, as everytime Nana and Kyu woke up from their naps, they kept begging for food and it broke my heart that I couldn't give them any, as they needed to have an empty stomach for a minimum of eight hours before their spay operation.

But don't get fooled by their adorable faces. These kittens...

...they needed multiple doses of the general anesthesia before they fell unconscious! They kept fighting the pull of the medicine for almost an hour! My babies are such strong fighters (╥﹏╥)

And these are their faces after the operation!

They were wearing temporary DIY e-collars in these photos. On the next update, I'll be showing their brand new e-collars and finally: THE CAT SIBLINGS' HOME!

Please continue to support Nana, Kyu, and Mama Lily as we continuously need funds for their food and for Mama Lily's very own spay operation! We're more than halfway to our goal!

Once again, thank you everyone! ฅ'ω'ฅ♡

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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Oct 30, 2020

I was looking for a pet carrier for the cats' visit to the vet, and luckily, I found a pre-loved one; almost as good as new!

The siblings immediately went inside and claimed it as theirs. The pet carrier almost had no scratches, even though it wasn't brand new.

I got it as a bargain for PHP 700 (around USD 15)! Definitely out of my budget, but with the help of this fundraiser, I was able to provide them with this! The seller said that it was only used once before, and he was planning to sell it as they no longer had a pet. It was also a good thing that we live in the same area, so the transaction was quite smooth.

Even though it was cleaned right before I bought it, I wanted to thoroughly clean the carrier again, just to be sure. It was quite difficult to convince Kyu to get out of it though, as she wouldn't leave! I had to tempt her with food.

Mama Lily checking out their new carrier!

The kittens are now scheduled for their spay this following week, while Mama Lily has to wait until December for hers, as she just gave birth to a new litter.

If anyone is interested in adopting kittens, please message me! We're already having inquiries about them. As we live in Barangay Handumanan, Bacolod City, it would be preferable if you live near the area.

I will update again, once we're done with our visit to the veterinarian for Kyu and Nana!

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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Oct 27, 2020

An update on how the cats are doing!

Yesterday, on the 27th of October (Philippine Standard Time), the kittens, Nana and Kyu once again went to my bedroom (at different times on the same day) and decided to have their nap beside me. The first one to do so was Kyu.

She decided to sleep ON my dress. But then, I needed to pee. I waited for about half an hour to see if she would wake up, because I didn't want to disturb her nap. No luck! I either have to move so slow, or cut that part of my pajama dress; I decided to do the former. I couldn't rip my dress with just my bare hands and I had no cutting tools near me ≧∇≦

I was successful in my endeavor! And when I returned to bed, she curled up against me again!

She's so adorable! Later that afternoon, it was Nana who came to take a nap beside me.

Thank goodness I didn't have to move for quite a while! It was also my younger sister's birthday ฅ'ω'ฅ


We are now arranging the schedule for the spay operation of Nana and Kyu. I'll post another update on that soon!

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Update posted by Mishel Aquino On Oct 23, 2020

A little bonding time with Kyu ฅ'ω'ฅ♡

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I am wishing all the best for these wonderful kitties!!

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Great story! Good luck with the kittens!!


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