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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jul 26, 2015

In behalf of our whole family, we would like to sincerely express our thanks to all of you who have showed kindness and generosity for Sheila's treatment. All of you made a big role to be part of her journey in battling cancer.

We are sad to let you know that she had just passed away today but at the same time there's a peace inside us saying that at last she was finally able to finish her race and found rest in the presence of our God the creator. She will be surely missed.

We are truly grateful! Thank you for a thousand times for supporting her all the way.

Bless your hearts!

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jul 21, 2015

She just had her 3rd operation at the back two hours ago.

The cause of her lung infection is... it's because the previous tube that was installed is not enough to drain the fluids so the doctors agreed to insert the bigger tube (half inch of size) to drain better.

Prior to the operation, her pulmo doctor said that it is expected to be much painful compared to the smaller tube but we are just glad with the result because she haven't felt a major pain right after the operation. She is doing great and resting as of this moment.

Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jul 15, 2015

Since we left the hospital 10 days ago, she's having a fever and it never gone away even after taking medicines. It keeps on coming back so the doctor requested several tests and found out that she has an infection on her lungs (Pneumonia). She is advised to be admitted tomorrow for further examinations and to treat the infection. No chemo until the infection is gone. We need your prayers for the fast recovery. Bless you all! :)

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jul 03, 2015

She had another operation at her back to get rid the fluids. The ultrasound result found around 1 liter of fluids and it's actually difficult to get rid in one blow because the fluid has been distributed in compartments. The previous tube insertion done two months ago was installed at the right side of her back and it's no longer in use because we can't drain any fluid anymore as it is being blocked from inside. This time the tube has been inserted at her upper-back where the plenty of fluids can be found.

After the operation, she can feel the pain at her back but the doctor gave her a pain reliever and she's doing well now. Though it's a bit uneasy for her to lay her back because of the tube but overall, she's doing okay 'cause the operation helps her to breathe normally.

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jun 30, 2015

Supposed to be she is scheduled for her chemo today but since her homoglobin is too low, the doctor requested to admit her tomorrow for blood transfusion before she can have her next chemo cycle.

Also, we need to see the doctor who inserted the tube at her back (to drain fluids) because it's leaking.

Peace and Blessings!

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jun 22, 2015

This was happening last Friday, June 19th.

2 days beforehand, she had her chest xray and liver ultrasound. Praise God for the good results. The 2cm mass found in her liver shrunk to 1cm. That means to say that her body is responding to her chemo treatments. Join us praying continually for complete healing. Thank you Lord!

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jun 11, 2015

Done with the 13th week chemo cycle last Tuesday.

The doctor requested for liver ultrasound and x-ray after a week. We need prayers for good results.

Grace to you all! <3

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Update posted by brkcheth c On Jun 01, 2015

It has been pushed through last Friday because her vital signs/stats are good and no fever.

The doctor adjusted her chemo intervals to 10 days instead of 7 days so she can rest enough and to get good cbc results ideal for her next chemo session.

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Update posted by brkcheth c On May 28, 2015

Supposed to be she is scheduled for her 12th chemo cycle last Friday, 22nd of May but her Bilirubin and SGOT are both high so it is moved to 26th. However she's having a fever for the past couple of days and the doctor advised to just take naproxen for 3 consecutive days and so far no fever anymore, thank you Lord. Probably we could proceed with her chemo by tomorrow coz she's doing well now.

Also, God is gracious and merciful that she gave her another year to celebrate her birthday. She had a simple birthday celebration but she felt special from the surprise visits with gifts and that made her happy.<3

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Update posted by brkcheth c On May 16, 2015

Done with her chemo session yesterday and we praise God for His love.

From her previous xrays, the doctor found something in her liver (2.5cm). Please join us in prayers that this mass will be gone completely in Jesus Name.

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I hope she gets well!


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Get well soon ate shie, God is always with you.


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Sending this with love and prayers. BIG hugs and kisses from all of us. x

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