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Hello dear people,

My name is Petra and I’m a 20 years old university student in Hungary. I indentify as genderqueer.

I’m creating this fundraiser, because a part of my body doesn’t feel like it belongs to me and without change I can’t imagine a fulfilling life.

Since the secondary sexual characteristics started to appear on my body, I felt that I became more and more distant with the person I saw in the mirror. The main problem was the chest area. I remember the first time when I googled for breast reduction surgery at the age of 14, six years ago, because I didn’t know that top surgery was an existing thing. It was around that time when I first said it out loud to my family in the middle of a shopping center that I hate my breasts.

I had anorexia nervosa when I was 16 years old. There were many traumatic events behind it, but in the center of the issue was my gender dysphoria. It means that I felt that the skinnier I was, the less feminine I became. Throughout this eating disorder, I’ve met with many therapists and specialists, but I couldn’t trust in most of them enough to share this point of view. Fortunately, recently I have got to meet a therapist who helped me to discover this part of my identity and I’m very thankful to her:) When I tried to talk about this to my parents, they weren’t supportive. Their opinion was “Okay, we accept you’re gay, isn’t this enough for you??” So I can’t really count on them to help me with this.

When I was 17, I've bought myself a gb2c binder, measuring my chest and everything, hoping that this will be the solution. I'd been wearing it for like 1-2 months, but I felt like invisible hands were choking me, so I decided to pass it over to someone who probably needed it more.

The cost of the surgery is 800-900 thousands HUF and after that, I want to go on testosteron if I still have money left for that. There is a really trustworthy professional in Kiskunhalas called dr. Bordas Noemi, who does these gender affirming surgerie and care. I hope that one day, she’ll be the one operating me.

I sell film cameras online to make some income which can be the future budget for my surgery and I save the scholarship that I got from uni. Having a part-time job next to school is impossible (if I wanna perform there well and have normal private life).

That’s why I am asking for your help. If you can resonate with my story or just feel like you would like to help me to become the person I wanna be, I would be very thankful. Ever single cent makes a difference and helps me to get closer to my goal. If you’re not able to donate, but still wanna help me, please share my fundraiser!

Much love,


(Special thanks to my love, who’s holding my hand along my way. iy Bab)



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raised of Ft1,000,000.00 goal
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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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