IMPORTANT _ LATEST update additional donors needed now. .

Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Dec 24, 2018

To everyone who has donated to my friends medicines and operations funding a big huge thank you from him and myself.

You financial help over the last 7 months is starting to make a difference.

For that we are immensely grateful.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Nov 03, 2018

A BIG THANK YOU to the donors who have donated over the last 6 months your help has managed to get my young friend through a very difficult period where he felt his only option left was to stop taking his meds and pass away due to the difficulty of paying for his medicines. This is the state of New Zealand's meds funding that people even have to consider this option at the age of 26 when they have barely lived is disgusting in a 1st world country.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Aug 22, 2018

Update July 1st.

1182 People have viewed this page as of today July 1st.

He desperately needs any small or large donation to stop the repetitive need to be going back and forth for stomach and bowel clean outs due to his inability to get enough money every week to buy all his meds.

We have had to take out an $1100.00 payday loan to cover the $900.00 operation on the 9th July and this also includes a last payment on a current payday loan.

This leaves us $100.00 short for this weeks Medicines, which we need by Friday 6th July, so he has got all his medicines, when he goes for the operation on Monday 9th July to have his stomach and bowels cleaned out of the infection, diabetic paresis causes, when he cant get all his meds due to not having the money to buy them..

Which is what caused the diabetic paresis in the first place.

UPDATE June 21st

He had a meeting with his boss today who told him no more work for this year the fruit packing season is over.

They do want him to come back next season (2019 ) so its back to the chasing money to get his meds again which is why we set up this page .

With the money donated so far going towards his weekly $450 plus a week medicines costs.
We have not been able to establish the back up fund.

On top of that his doctor told him some of his unfunded drugs have be approved for funding ( after 8 years of hell with 60% of his drugs being unsubsidised (by the government) but it is a waiting game for them to enact the application which could still take months.

To top the day off ( Weds 20th) he got told by his doctor, he needs another tummy operation clean out and also his bowels are infected by the paresis infection.

So again we are looking for $900 to pay for the operation on JULY 9TH at his specialists surgery because hawkes bay hospitals waiting list as usual is off the scale.

Any wonder he is under pressure when everyone is giving him absolute hell.

SO CAN YOU PLEASE DONATE a small or big amount to put towards the $900 operation.

Update 12th June.

GOOD NEWS THANKS TO regular 2 DONORS we have been able to keep him off the operating table for 5 consecutive weeks thanks to this funding page .

The diabetic paresis causes a stomach infection which very quickly leads to intense stomach pain due to food not digesting and rotting in the stomach. Each stomach operation to clear the stomach infection costs $600 NZ DOLLARS which is paid for by expensive payday loans at a usual 460% plus interest rate.

So thank you to those 2 donors for your regular donation.

His doctors and work and income advocate are working frantically to get him some income and or his meds funded but meeting brick walls which are being dismantled too slowly.

It is only by working on creating a back up fund so if he has work available he has money available to get to work , that the welfare system wont provide due to the NZ relationship rule that prohibits him being paid a benefit. With limits on the disability allowance and his fiancee's income also limiting his ability to receive a benefit as well .

With winter now arrived the packhouse will be shutting down in July .

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Aug 09, 2018

thank you for your $100 donation it is very gratefully received and will be passed on to the young man who will be over the moon.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Jul 24, 2018

There have been 1266 views of this campaign and 107 facebook shares.

Thank you to the 10 site donors and the 10 off line donations.

He is out of hospital but still battling everyday because he gets No Government Benefit and 2/3rds of his medicines still remain unfunded .

Although his doctor has made some progress in getting Pharmac the funding agency to agree to sometime soon we don't know when to fund some but not all of the unfunded meds.

So any small donations of $5.00 or more due to site fee's etc would be greatly appreciated and if you could do a weekly donation that would be awesome.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Jun 16, 2018

Over 1000 people have viewed this campaign with only 7 donations . What does this mean ?

This young man wants to be able to have enough medicines at the start of each week so he can go to work and surviving day to day like he is now doesn't allow him to have all the meds he needs at the start of each work week . .. We thank the donors who between them have donated over $700 nz to buy medicines but what has been given has immediately been used to buy that days medicines It is also not been enough to start to establish a back up fund . SO PLEASE SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN and make a donation so this young man can at least feel as though he has a future and that people do give a damn.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Jun 07, 2018

Thank you too the 2 regular donors who give $90 NZ dollars between them for the last 4 weeks it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the 937 people who have viewed this funding page.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On Jun 01, 2018

Thanks to the donors from on here and offline. We have managed to just keep him out of hospital by the skin of our teeth but no way near out of the woods as he has still not had quite enough from week to week . His winz advocate is meeting intense opposition and his doctor is desperately trying again to get his unfunded meds needs met. So thank you for your donations and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THIS FUNDING PAGE.

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Update posted by Geoffrey Lye On May 19, 2018

What a hell of a week.

Total costs for his operation this week was $600 because we could not get the $100.00 in time so he could get it cheap last Saturday . So he got it on Thursday and the infection had run wild so we had to pay normal cost. His meds costs were a $500 and we only had $450 left over after the operation. So we are still chasing $50.00. So thanks too the two donors from last weekend.

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