PLEASE!!!!! Help Pablo get his PARVO treatment

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hey, this is AMA and GARID

Pablo is my precious baby he got PARVO at an only 8 weeks age . His brother already passed away with this deadly disease . i just found love and warmth as soon as i saw him, I wish nothing happens with my baby boy

it started on july 15th , Pablo started throwing up and stopped receiving any food i knew instantly that it was PARVO since his brother had the same symptoms months ago and couldn’t make it a week later . Our vet told us he is barely showing any symptoms, so his chances of survival are slightly higher and treatment for my Pablo may cost over $3370.

We are desperately trying for everything right now but credit card wouldn’t be able to cover such amount and our financial situation isn’t the best at the moment .

We thank so much for any kind soul who is reading this . Any kind of donations would really help Pablo fight this Parvo virus . Any share would be much appreciated also .

Pablo, Ama and Gar


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