Help Noha fight Pancreatic cancer

EN: (French version follows) Help Noha fight Pancreatic cancer With the permission of Noha’s family, we are setting up this Medical fund as she fights for her life. Nine years ago, Noha was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and today, what Noha needs for a 90% chance of becoming cancer-free are 4 courses of Nuclear treatment “177 Lutetium Dotatate” for her Metastatic Neuroendocrine Tumor. Each shot should be given to Noha once every 2 months.The government and the Ministry of Health in Lebanon have failed to provide basic needs to their people, including cancer medicine. So now we have one chance to raise 33.000 USD to get these courses for Noha, who has neared the end of her treatment and is about to get better, but now suddenly there are no more drugs left. For now, she has spent money to buy drugs at a much higher price on the black market. But she will not be able to afford to do this for long. On 26 Aug 2021, cancer patients rallied in front of a United Nations agency in Lebanon, in protest against a severe medicine shortage plaguing the country. Raising the slogan “We want cancer treatment,” families of cancer patients staged a sit-in near the Grand Serail on Thursday evening, “to protest the genocide of cancer patients,” demanding that medication for their treatment be secured. Can you believe it? In Lebanon, cancer patients — with all their worries — are forced to go down into the street and protest … Continue reading Help Noha fight Pancreatic cancer