Update posted by Denis Puhar On Aug 11, 2018

I noticed, that after quite a few days, since my campaign has gone ONLINE, so everyone can see it and read it, I didn't get even a SINGLE € donated.

My mother told me today with a broken heart, that the WHOLE treatment (together with the dental prosthesis I got and dozens of working hours that were spent) costed more than 3000 ?.

I had to write this ADD ON on the 13. of August, so that it does not look as if I'm changing the amounts which have to be raised RANDOMLY!

The amount of MORE than 3000 ? covers ONLY & JUST the "BASIC" expenses for the treatment.

This does not include costs for driving and fuel and because of this, we HAD to use taxis and a rent-a-car on a REGULAR basis, because NOT a SINGLE person - even our closest neighbors - weren't prepared us to drive ANYWHERE, though we offered them to pay for their expenses.

Some of you might ask, why I didn't use public transportation?!

The answer to that is simple:

So the train as bus were driving from where I live, to Austria (where the dental clinic is), so RARELY and kilometers away from our destination, that this option was out of consideration almost immediately.

The other MAJOR fact in expenses are HUGE interest rates my mother has to pay to the bank because of her REALLY low pension (and this amount gets bigger and bigger EVERY single day, because the 'problems' I developed, started years ago and so practically everything, what can be paid off REGULARLY on a monthly basis, are ONLY the growing interest rates).

Also, there are costs for paying for all the medications, which my mother and I need.

Many of them are here in Slovenia not even available and some of those that are, cost in some cases even twice as much as abroad.

I listed only a few of MAJOR reasons, why this "discrepancy" in numbers, but believe me, even if I'm somehow successful in raising 4500 ?, I'll (we) be in 'best' case still in debt for a couple of hundred Euros.

This amount (which only grows day after day) is for her (BOTH of US) such an expense, that it threatens our EXISTENCE!

I really don't know, how we will both get over this without YOUR help!?

Without ANY EXAGGERATION I can say, that it can happen, that we get evicted out of the flat and become homeless.

This is the reason, that I'd like to start working again AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (maybe in Austria, Germany or England, anywhere, where English or German is the FIRST language) - but if you read my original 'plea for help', this won't be possible (NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY) for at least ANOTHER 3 or 4 months (MOST LIKELY: In the first half of 2019, if everything related to my health issues, will be solved and we are somehow able to keep 'the roof above our heads').

And again I'd like to emphasize, that we have BOTH done and tried EVERYTHING what is possible.

Just an example:

I also asked my 'biological' father for his help, but he does not want to have anything to do with me (he is a German and also lives in Germany).

About 2 years ago I sincerely asked him for help and it is a little ironic but more so SAD, because he and his wife can't have any children and so I'm THE ONE & ONLY child on this world he has.

In spite of this, his response over the phone was (I don' recall it precisely, but paraphrased it sounded a little bit like this):

"I don't know you and I virtually don't care if you die!" - after that brief sentence, he hung up on me.

It is NOT easy for me, to open my life to the EVERYONE to be read as an "open book", but at this stage I really don't see any other possibility for me (us), as to count on help of others.

I can understand, if you feel reluctant to give me money for something I CAN'T prove to you with every bill or receipt, but if there is something that bothers you or you wish to know it more in detail, before you choose to donate, write it up and I'll take notice of ANY comment by replying to it with best of my abilities.

Just please, DO NOT IGNORE ME.

But, I need to know, why I haven't received even a SINGLE RESPONSE (and I'm not talking about money) until now.

So, if NOTHING else, please share at least your thoughts with me, so that I CAN KNOW, what should I do (and if needed, also change it accordingly).

Thank You!

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