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Hey everyone.

I am a university student currently doing my second year at Nelson Mandela university in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth. Doing my BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY MAJORING WITH PSYCHOLOGY (COGNITIVE)

I receive NSFAS allowances and my mom is back at home on PIETERMARITZBURG...not working...and not having anyone of the family members to support her. It has always been the 2 of us growing up I was raised by her. She brought me up herself since my dad is absent in my life. I am where I am because of her.

During my 1st year I always took my allowances and sent then home so that she'll have food and be able to pay the rent of the house we live in. Mind you I only receive R1500 monthly from NSFAS. I have never purchased any books for school and I have studied using lecture slides all along since today. We are renting a 4 roomed house for R600 and the cause of us renting was because after my grandma passed away 2010 we were then kicked out of the house by my mom's siblings and we had nowhere to go. We have rented since 2010 since today and it has really took a toll on me. I am the one providing and at the same time here at RES I normally don't have food to eat myself and the pain of seeing other kids cook and eat whilst the only time you enter the kitchen is when you go fetch water because that what I normally drink. I don't usually cook because i never have food. Even if i cook i cook late at night so that no one can see what I'm cooking. I am always locked in my room. I only get out when I have to go to Campus.

My mom has tried getting part time jobs as a housekeeper or a babysitter but none of them seems to work out. During the months where NSFAS hasn't cleared me for my second year we have been behind on rent and I am not even home I had to borrow money to go to res because I needed to sort out my financial status issue and that has also taken a huge toll on me. I had no food and the pain of hearing my mom using other people's phones to call me to hear her cry and also from my side I do not know how to help her. Her telling me she hasn't eaten for days and also myself not eating for days. Worse she has chronic illnesses which require her to take medication daily. That hurts alone because I do not know how the days will go by as she isn't eating. I really want to make her proud but also it's hard for me to even concentrate on my school work with the situation i am facing.

There's just a lot I have been through together with my mom and the least that could help is her getting food and pay rent. Nevermind me I will survive I am still young.



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