Help my Mom get Wound Debridement

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Good day everynyan! I'm Tin and I'm raising my money for my Mom's medical needs. For the last few weeks she had a wound and we're unable to go to the doctors for consultation because of their busy schedules - yes, we have tried to reach out for others that are nearby - thus, the wound worsened.

We were able to make her take antibiotics and cleanse the wound in any means necessary but of course, we needed an expert. Now that we have finally consulted the doctors, we were told that she needed to get the wound cleansed (wound debridement) ASAP. Besides that, I have included in the amount the medicines she is currently taking to heal. I will attach what the doctor indicated in the request below:

Thanks to their input and sense of urgency, we're able to buy antibiotics she can take to lessen the bacteria from spreading. Of course, she still needed to take lab tests to make sure if she is indeed a diabetic.

I'm a Freelance Artist and is currently on the hunt for a job and I'm not sure about the amount of getting the wound cleansed as I was told a certain amount but the equipment and the doctor's fee aren't included in it...and it's possible that it depends on how big the wound is. So I'm asking for your help to get my Mother the healing she needs.


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Nov 02

[UPDATE] My Mom was able to get the procedure

Update posted by Christine Donato at 02:20 pm

Thank you for those who sent in their donations and their warm messages. My mom is currently healing. We would still need to update the Doctor for the lab results and X-ray for her to check if she's diabetic.

See update

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Raised offline: $335.00
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