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Today my mom is in a state of coma.

Her condition started to deteriorate after she suffered cerebral aneurysm last October 13. It all begun with an excruciating headache early in the morning of that day. My sister took her blood pressure and it was extremely high 210/140. Despite the fact that money is scarce, we made sure that she has enough supply of her maintenance medications and had regular check-up. Normally, she would not subject herself to go to the doctor even if she feels ill. That particular time was different. She voluntarily wanted to see the doctor as the pain was too much to bear. Minutes later, she vomited and was difficult to arouse. We immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital where she underwent cranial CT scan and urgent burrhole aspiration of hematoma/hemorrhage and external ventricular drain insertion- (a surgical procedure wherein a hole is made in the skull, the dura is opened, and the haematoma or blood is aspirated. Once complete, the skin covering the skull is closed with sutures or staples). Apparently, she had ruptured aneurysm with 1 unruptured sacular aneurysm. My mom had to stay in the intensive care unit since then. Days had passed and her condition started to show improvement. We were able to talk to her although at times she would have some inconsistencies. We were hopeful that this will soon change, that she will be back to her old self. Eventually she was able to recognize us, her children. The happiest moment of our life!!God is truly good! But still she is continuously on intravenous nicardipine drip -a medication to control the blood pressure from going up. The drain inserted in her brain was finally removed as this might cause secondary infection.

However, a sudden turn of event happened!!Mom suffered chronic hydrocephalus which became progressive making her cognitive function to decline. Subsequently, she was hooked to a ventilator! My heart stopped for awhile! The thought of losing my mom scares me to death!

That same day, the doctor explained that VP shunt is necessary to drain extra CSF (Cerebrospinal fluid) from the brain brought about by the residual blood accumulation in the brain. Me, being the nurse in the family knowing the risk and threat of recurrent hydrocephalus agreed unhesitantly for the procedure. But the doctor said what hinders them from proceeding with the vp shunt is the danger of possible rupture to the unruptured sacular aneurysm. We were advised to do the endovascular coiling to stop the blood flow in the weakened artery preventing rupture.

My knees weakened and my whole body trembled, where and how can we generate a hefty sum of money for the surgery! 1.5million is alot to chew for ordinary people like us. We dont want to lose our mom. She has been out rock and inspiration. We still want her to experience the goodness of life that me and my siblings still has to offer😭

Through the goodness of other relatives and friends we were able to come up with 1/4 of the money needed but the procedure wont be done in Manila as the medical expense is way too impossible for us to shoulder. There was one option..Provincial Hospital in La Union performs the procedure in a cheaper price. We took the chance hoping for the best....My mom was transported via ambulance to the hospital. The trip was 2hours atleast from where she is confined. Yet we were disheartened. It was a failed procedure! The stent was too big for her artery. It took doctors 4hours to try but to no avail! We paid 380k for nothing!!!! I cried unconsolably, I can't lose my mom! Not yet!!

Looking back.....My mom raised us from poverty. She held odd jobs to get us educated. She begged for scholarship grants so we could sustain our education. I was sent to college with the help of a generous relative. She sacrificed alot for us just like the typical moms. I love my mom so much..Help me extend her life pls....We are knocking at your generous heart to please help us so we can still see the smile in our mom's face🙏🙏We are in dire need of financial assistance right now. We need 1.5M in order to do the endovascular coiling again but in another hospital because this will make her condition better. After that VP shunt will be performed to ease decrease the extra CSF in the brain which will require additional financial burden. We have been in the hospital for almost a month now and our hospital bill has ballooned to almost a million as I speak. No one deserves to be left by their mother. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP and we dont want to give up just yet.

So here I am, asking for donations. It seems wrong but I have to do it.

Every single penny counts. No amount is too small....IT WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.....

You can send your donation thru:

Girlie Mae L. De Guzman

BPI account # 0219 0740 99

GCASH 09190882330

Frency Claire T. Laguerta

BDO account # 013270048194

GCASH 09303755865

Thank you and Godbless you🙏🙏

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Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

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