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On Friday afternoon, I was driving to a friend’s house when I noticed a dog on the middle of the street that had just been hit by a car. Her name is Mimi.

I immediately stopped to help her and when I noticed she was still alive, I decided to take her to the nearest vet. Her condition was critical. At first sight, you could notice she had lost both eyes as both of them had exploted due to the impact and she bled through her nose.

After arriving to the vet, receiving first aids and trying to stabilize her signs, some X rays were taken to discard internal organs and fractures, and only a fracture on her upper jaw was visible. Later that day we found her family. The day after the accident, once her cardiac signs and blood pressure were stabilized, she got surgery to remove both of her eyes and minimize the pain this caused her.

Until today, Sunday, her condition is still critical and is still under vet observation. Neurological problems (like walking problems) haven’t been discarded. We will only be able to know this as time goes by.

Until today, Sunday (June 16th), the bill has increased up to $7670 Mexican Pesos (around $358 USD). Mimi needs to be under vet observation for the next days and the bill will continue to increase. Just one day of hospitalization costs $1100 MXN (around $55 USD), but we know she is in excellent hands. We don’t know how many days Mimi needs to be at the vet, neither how she will evolve, or how much the bill can increase. And once she’s out, she will need meds and vet appointments. Her family can't pay for her treatment, hospitalization and medicines.

We appreciate any donation you may give for Mimi’s recovery, I’m sure she appreciates it a lot too.



El viernes por la tarde iba manejando a casa de una amiga cuando vi a una perrita en medio de la calle que acababan de atropellar. Su nombre es Mimi.

Inmediatamente me paré a auxiliarla y al ver que todavía estaba viva decidí llevármela al veterinario más cercano. Su estado era crítico. Tan solo a simple vista, se veía que había perdido ambos ojos que habían explotado con el impacto y sangraba por la nariz.

Después de llegar a la veterinaria, se le brindaran los primeros auxilios y se trató de estabilizarla lo más posible y se le tomaron placas radiográficas para descartar fracturas y lesiones internas, donde solo se vió una fractura de mandíbula superior. Más tarde ese día, encontramos a su familia. Al día siguiente del accidente, una vez estabilizado su ritmo cardiaco y presión sanguínea, se realizó la operación para quitar ambos ojos y minimizarle así el dolor.

Hasta hoy domingo, su estado sigue siendo crítico y sigue en observación en la veterinaria. Aún no se han descartado afectaciones neurológicas (como problemas para caminar), solo podremos saberlo con el paso de los días y la evolución que tenga.

Hasta hoy domingo (Junio 16), la cuenta ha subido hasta $7670 MXN. Mimi tiene que seguir en observación en la veterinaria los siguientes días y la cuenta seguirá aumentando. Tan solo cada día de hospitalización en la veterinaria cuesta $1100 MXN, pero sabemos que está en excelentes manos. No sabemos cuántos días más Mimi necesite estar en hospitalización, ni cómo pueda evolucionar, ni a cuánto pueda aumentar la cuenta. Además de que una vez que salga, necesitará medicinas y consultas veterinarias. Su familia no puede pagar su tratamiento, hospitalización y medicinas.

Les agradecemos cualquier donación con el que puedan colaborar para la recuperación de Mimi, estoy segura que ella también se los agradece mucho.


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Jun 19

Jun 19, 2019

Update posted by Cynthia Limon at 10:50 pm

On Monday afternoon, we had to put her to sleep. The decision was taken by the doc, I and her family.The neurological damage was more than obvious. She couldn't stand by herself or eat (the tongue needed to be stimulated so she could move it and swallow).I want to thank. . . . .

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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities