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Update posted by Heather Brown On Mar 11, 2018

I have bought 2 pairs of shoes to have built up. I've looked online for shoe lift services and it should cost around $75 to get 1/2" added to one shoe. OR there are local places that are around the same price, less shipping and handling, but I don't have a car and would probably have to mail my shoes to these places too. So, I'm looking at $150 to build up both of these just 1/2". Later I will need to redo these shoes for another $150.

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Update posted by Heather Brown On Mar 02, 2018

I have bought a "EVENUP" shoe attachment. It has 2 different heights. There's the base and an attachable 1/4" platform like thing that velcro's down to the base. I tried using it right out of the package. Just the bottom part, so I was up about 1/2". It felt strange like my center of gravity had changed. I was a little off balance. I powered through, but there was pain due to not having walked that way for awhile. I did need my cane of course, but I don't need a taller cane yet. Once it gets up to around 1 1/2" I will need to change canes. I am looking at insoles. I have bought one pair of full insoles and some that are just for the heel area. I'm still looking for the right shoes to have built up.

The transition between walking the way I do and walking with built up soles is a painful process, so I have lots of "Aspercreme with Lidocaine", but I've run out of bubble bath and bath salts for soaking tired muscles. I keep running out of "Canablast", which is stressful to run out of, but it helps so much with the pain and anxiety. Also, I think it would easier to adjust to walking more evenly if I had someplace to go to exercise and get these muscles built back up. ATM I'm kinda stuck at home so it's a bit harder to JUST walk around and work out the muscles, instead of sitting back down. I'm working on that though.

Just an FYI that I'm not waiting for someone to swoop in and take care of everything, BUT I'd love some help, so donate to my gogetfunding please.

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Update posted by Heather Brown On Feb 20, 2018

I am disabled. I have fibromyalgia, sciatica, one leg longer than the other, migraines, insomnia, and depression. I used to have built up shoes to help with some of the pain. My shoes were destroyed a few years ago and I haven't been able to afford to replace them. I had a teenage son, he passed away a few months ago ( at the age of 21). As a single mother of a teenage boy, I had a hard time trying to save up money for a regular pair of shoes, there was no way I could afford to have them built up. So I have been walking around without them. The muscles in my legs are constantly aching, I walk on my toes without meaning to, which causes a great deal of pain in my toes and feet. My hips are way out of alignment, as is my spine. I truly fear my spine will permanently lean to the right unless I can get these shoes again.

I had been quietly trying to save money, but recent tragedies have me deeply in debt.

I am trying to be able to be more active, relieve some pain, be able to get out of the house when grief and depression are just too much, and if the shoes help as much as I think they will, I would like to get a job.

I can't find any other way to raise money for the shoes.

Please help and/or share.

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