Help me walk with my baby (back surgery needed)

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At the start of this year, I was presented with some beautiful news that I have been dreaming about for some time now. On January 21st we found out that we were pregnant. I was really excited with this new life starting inside me.

Shortly thereafter, South Africa got hit by Covid-19 and in a couple of months my life changed completely, and my excitement turned into anxiety. Due to being 7 months pregnant I am now considered high risk of contracting Covid-19, preventing me from working. Making it extremely challenging to keep up a household and prepare for a new baby on one salary.

My partner had been complaining about severe back pain and muscle cramps, but he kept pushing to make sure that we are taken care of. His health started to deteriorate and the pain started to affect his walking abilities. When we were finally able to see a specialist, we were told that the pain is due to a problem in his spinal nerve. The L4 spinal nerve feeding his upward foot movement & the L5 spinal nerve extending movement in his big toe is constricted as these nerves pinch between 2 vertebrae,meaning he has trouble walking. Not being able to walk properly is a huge problem for him, as it feels like he is carrying around a dead limb. He usually is an active person, loves walking, hiking and playing with his kids. Also with us expecting a baby his fear is he would not be able to play and walk with his baby as he should.

My partner, has an MRI scheduled for 22 Feb 2021 in a public hospital in Cape Town. Which is 6 months away. Unfortunately, with a baby on the way and the bills piling up, we don't have funds for a surgery and our fear is that by that time, his spinal nerves will be severely damaged beyond repair.

We urgently need to get an appointment with a specialist and an earlier MRI date so we can speed up the process. Please help with anything you can towards his back surgery and medical bills, so our son can take his first steps alongside his father. Any small donation is appreciated.

Lee Taft.


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Lee Taft
raised of R100,000.00 goal
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1 Donors

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