Help Me To Bring Healthcare to Syrian Refugees

How often do you turn on the news, see the terrible atrocities happening in the world, and feel helpless? Do you share posts and videos on social media, and wish you could do something more REAL, more powerful, but you don’t know where to start? I felt that way too So when I was offered to be a part of the solution, in a small but significant way, I jumped at the chance. Together with a team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, naturopaths and nutritionists, I will be making my way to Greece in February 2017 to work with Syrian refugees. The refugee camps are going to be confronting and overcrowded. We will be dealing with malnutrition, trauma, and a vast array of illness and disease. So what can a naturopath do in a situation like this? Plenty! We will be helping to support malnourished pregnant women, and will make sure they have the nutrition they need. We will be supporting lactating mothers to breastfeed so they don’t have to resort to expensive formulas. We will provide first aid and health checks for incoming refugees We will be taking charge of the distribution of herbs and supplements which have been kindly donated by companies and clinics. We will implementing basic exercise programs for adults and children We will be educating families around the concept of a “healthy plate” and implementing nutritional programs. Our involvement allows the doctors and nurses to get on with the job of providing much needed medical assistance, … Continue reading Help Me To Bring Healthcare to Syrian Refugees