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Update posted by Emmanuel Noel R Corpin On Jun 08, 2017

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***Came into our life May 2012:


***Came into our life May 2013:


*Church Colour

*Little Popoy

*Holy Face

***Born Feb 22-23 2014

To Eucharist:

*Black (12 December 2015)

*Short Tail (6 July 2015)


*Two Spots


***Born 22 July 2014

To Eucharist:

(Those with no names have short descriptions here. I know who they are. Sometimes the short descriptions here, the best I could come up with, are a longer way for me to determine who is who.)

[to be continued ...]

*one (Oct-Nov 2014)

*cured (saved)

*like Brown

*like White

*like {like White, Black, Short Tail} (6 July 2016)

***Born 2 March 2015

To Eucharist:

*orange, Vladimir

*light brown [Sky]

*grey, like {Black, Short Tail} (28 September 2016)

***Born 23 April 2015

To Holy Face:

*all white, male. I saw an online photo of an all-white cat with eyes different in colour from each other. Looks very much like him.

*all white, female

*black, male, like male all-white

***Born 27 April 2015

To Brown:

*white, Joey

*black, Lomangino

***Born 9 August 2015

To Eucharist:

*small (17 August 2015)

*big black

*big (at birth compared to small) gray, like {Black, Short Tail} (9 November 2016 at the Night Prayer Liturgy Hour of the Divine Office. Feast of the Dedication of one of four Basilicas in the Universal Calendar. I have said to someone years ago that when I die i want it to be *in* one of the four, St Mary Major.)

***Born 3-4 October 2015

Francis of Assisi

Patron of Cats, Dogs, and other loveable animals

To Brown:

*one, long (3-4 October 2015)

*two (second), black (12 December 2015)

*three (third), grey (11 July 2016, Feast of St Benedict. From the clinic we went to Greenbelt Church for Holy Confession, the Holy Rosary, Novena to the Holy Spirit, other Holy Prayers, Holy Mass, Holy Communion, and then we went home.)

The doctor was responding to her, "I know" ...

***Born 6 November 2015

To Holy Face:

*one (6 November 2015)

*two (9 December 2015)




***Born 8 December 2015

To Eucharist:

*one (8 December 2015)

*two (14 December 2015)

*three (16 December 2015)


***Born 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday

To saved:

*one (27 March 2016)

*two (27 March 2016)

*three, all-white

*four, all-white

***Born to {all-white,

born to Holy Face

23 April 2015}

23 June 2016

* one, like White in colour (25 June 2016)

* two, all-white (25 June 2016)

* three, all-white (28 June 2016)

* four, like Popoy and Little Popoy in colour

***Born to Vladimir

same day

23 June 2016

* one

* two

* three

mothers and kittens

mothers and kittens

***Born to Holy Face

3 July 2016

* one (5 July 2016)

* two (6 July 2016)

* three

* four

***Born to Eucharist

4th of July 2016

* one (14 July 2016)

* two (14 July 2016)

* three

* four

* five

***Born between 15 October 2016 and 9 November 2016

To saved:

* one (died within a few days)

* two (died within a few days)

* three (died within a few days)

***Born to Eucharist 2 or 3 June 2017

* three kittens, two of whom died two weeks later, the third died July 26, 2017 between 8:38 a.m. and around 5:20 a.m. earlier

***Born to Brown and Vladimir a few days earlier

* seven kittens, who died

***Born to Joey on June 11, 2017

* two kittens, one of whom died July 27-28, 2017

***Born to saved on 2017 July 1

* three kittens, one of whom died

***Born to all-white on 2017 July 10

* four kittens, all of whom died

***Born to Vladimir on 18 October 2017

* four kittens, all of whom died

***Born to Eucharist on 3 November 2017

* three kittens, all of whom died

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Update posted by Emmanuel Noel R Corpin On May 20, 2016
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Update posted by Emmanuel Noel R Corpin On May 17, 2016

[email protected]


Dear Mr. Corpin:

Thank you for writing to me. Sorry for the long delay in answering. I was out of town and had very limited internet connection.

First of all I want to tell you that you are in my prayers and that I will remember you at holy mass. ...

Our God loves all the creatures he made and that includes cats and your cats. ...

I wish you the peace and joy of our risen Lord during this holy season of Easter.


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