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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Jan 11, 2021

Today is 39th day of observation period. We did blood checkup and X-ray shoot and results are showing that Zivko is doing great, so far. As much as I am happy, I am also scared that FIP may come back any time.

We are taking it day by day and hope for the best.

With auctions I have managed to pay 400 pills so far and still have 400 more to pay.

I will continue to do auctions but will be greatfull for any additional help.

Thank you!

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Dec 07, 2020

Zivko started 84 day long observation period on December 4th. He is doing great so far and we are hoping Zivko will stay like that.

From auctions we have managed to pay 300 pills, but we still have 500 pills on debt. If you can help us paying we would be grateful.

Love, Zivko

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Nov 30, 2020

Day 81/84

almost there 🙂

We are waiting for blood results to see if Zivko can start observation period after day 84.

He is doing great and monthly blood checkups were good, so fingers crossed for this one too.

We are still in debt almost 3800$ and we need help so observation period can be less stressful.

Thank you

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Oct 22, 2020

DAY 42/84

Half way there!!
It has been 42 days since we took yellow fluid from Zivko’s abdomen. PCR test showed that it was positive for FIP.
Today is Zivkos 42nd day of therapy.
It took him over 20 days to start loosing fluid from abdomen and for temperature to come back to normal.
On the 37th day we did blood checkup and it showed normal values.
So, as you can see, Zivko is alive and doing great!
But, and there is always but, his daily dose costs 100$.
We are over our head in debt and we need help.
That is why we have this gogetfund campaign and Zivko has a paypal account where you can donate for his therapy.

Thank you, love Zivko

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Oct 02, 2020

Dear diary,

I have a new haircut. I won’t say another word about it.

Yesterday we had a new checkup. Ultrasound showed that abdominal fluid is shrinking. Zivko still sometimes has an issue of high fever and low appetite. Hopefully that too will get better soon.

I am still additionally feeding him recovery food with syringe to make sure he eats enoguh. I am sure he likes it now 😬

He is getting better. It takes more time, but he does.

His daily therapy is now 100 $ so we really need your support.

Thank you

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Sep 23, 2020

We switched serum 4 days ago and pushed the dosage up. Yesterday we went to the vet for a checkup. Abdominal fluid is still the same amount, but it does not interfere with his breathing. The vet took a fluid sample to check protein levels and they are at 3g (can’t precisely remember level from the last time but they were much higher), fluid is less dense and paler on observation.

This could mean absorption finally started or that something is changing at least. His temp is still high. It’s 39.9C at midnight when he receives treatment, then starts going lowering to 39.5. Through the day it’s around 38.7 and then rises towards evening.

His appetite is still low, and I am feeding him via syringe. Antibiotics were introduced preventive and he is also on a supportive therapy for liver and B12 vitamin.

Changing serum and pushing up the dose made estimated expenses to go 3x times higher.

The daily dose now is 100$.

Zivko is obviously reacting positively to the serum but needs more time to get better. He is alive and not in a bad condition so it gives me hope and will to go on.

Please help me save him.

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Update posted by Zeljana Burazin On Sep 18, 2020

Update 18.9.2020.

Day 8/84

Zivko is still fighting the FIP disease.

We increased the dose of serum, which significantly affected the need for a larger number of vials.

Yesterday we went to vet control and did an ultrasound and X-ray of the abdomen and lungs to check the condition of the accumulated fluid.

The fluid in the abdomen has increased but fortunately it’s not present in the lungs. For now, it does not interfere with his breathing, and if necessary, a small part will be extracted to relive him and buy time until the serum works.

Zivko's body is now fighting better but he is already exhausted by the long-lasting fever and the steroids he received for reduction of fever.

He has the will to eat, but he eats small amounts. I feed him additionally on a syringe so he can become stronger to fight the disease.

If necessary, the serum and possibly the dose will be changed.

All this significantly increases the already abnormally high cost of treatment.

In some cats, the therapy works in a couple of days, and in some it takes time, depending on the condition of the organism and the stage of the disease in which the treatment has started. Fortunately, Zivko is a big cat, so he can fight, but we need financial help.

We borrowed these bottles we use; we have already spent 6.

Please share as much as possible and if you can help us by paying for the purchase of the serum Zivko and I will be grateful.

Dan 8/84

Zivko se i dalje bori sa FIP-om.

Povecali smo dozu seruma, sto je na njegovu kilazu znatno utjecalo na potrebu za vecim brojem bocica.

Jucer smo bili na kontrolu i napravili UZV i RTG abdomena i pluca da se provjeri stanje tekucine.

U abdomenu se tekucina povecala, srecom nema je u plucima. Za sada mu ne ometa disanje, a ako bude potrebno izvuci ce se manji dio da mu se olaksa i kupi vrijeme dok serum prodjeluje.

Zivkov organizam se sada bori protiv virusa, a vec je iscrpljen dugotrajnom temperaturom i steroidima koje je primao za snizavanje povisene temperature.

Ima volje jesti, ali jede malo pa ga dodatno hranim na spricu da se moze boriti sa bolesti.

Bude li potrebe mijenjati ce se serum, a mozda i doza.

Sve to znacajno povisuje ionako nenormalno velik trosak lijecenja.

Kod nekih maca terapija prodjeluje kroz par dana, a kod nekih treba vremena, ovisi o stanju organizma i fazi bolesti u kojoj je zapocelo lijecenje.Srecom Zivko je velika macka pa se moze boriti ali nam treba financijska pomoc.

Posudili smo ove bocice koje koristimo, vec smo 6 potrosili.

Molimo vas za sto vise dijeljenja i ako ste u mogucnosti pomoci nam uplatom za kupnju lijeka Zivko i ja cemo biti zahvalni.

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