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Hi, My name is Krittrin Neetithamrangsri - Chrissy for short.

I’m here because I need some help…

Before Covid came, I had a successful Microgreens Business, selling to restaurants and hotels…

But… Covid stopped ALL the Tourists coming to Thailand. So the Restaurants and the hotels had to close, they are still closed as there are no Tourists…

While things were going great I started to take in Rescued Dogs, Dogs of the streets, dogs that had been dumped, left when the owners moved, others had been abandoned because their owners couldn’t afford the medical bills, so many reasons, I have posted pictures of all my wonderful dogs in the gallery.

Because my Microgreens business suffered so badly I needed to look for alternatives, that’s when I discovered Snails, more importantly Water Snails, or Mystery Snails or Apple Snails…

I started collecting the egg clusters from anywhere I could find them, then asked friends and family to help, pretty soon I had hundreds of egg clusters, So then I started to build the ponds for them…

Other friends started dropping off Land Snails, so I build a home for them… A very nice home…

I then started researching snail farming and breeding, it was then that I found out that I needed to build special breeding tables, like this…

This is just a prototype, here are some of the frames for the new tables… So my snails will work for 1 month on the tables and take two months off in Snail Utopia…

Food for the African Land Snails will be Morringa powder, I have bought over 100 small trees and I have also sown over 200 germinated seeds… The health benefits to the snails are huge, and also it will improve the nutritional value of snails when I come to sell them.

The Apple Snails will take a lot of work to establish as well, Building each pod and then making the floating baskets for the egg clutches…

I first purchased the black tubs, and then came these 15 ponds,

Friends have offered places I can expand to, I want to expand into here,

and here

and eventually clean up this big piece of concrete and put the ponds here as well…

Food for the Apple Snails will be water hyacinth, a very kind man in our village has given me permission to take what we need from his lake… As my morringa trees grow I will supplement their feed with morringa leaves.

So my Overall goal is to have 7 land snail breeding tables, the snail utopia and land for my snails to grow. For the Apple snails my goal is to have approximately 100 small ponds… The income come my snail farm will be enough to ensure that I never have to worry about my dogs needs, medical bills, vaccinations, flea and tick control, food and of course treats… I will also provide 4 full time jobs helping 4 families get back on their feet.

So if you are kind enough to donate, please understand this, you will not only be helping me & all my wonderful dogs, but you will also be helping my local community, who are also suffering greatly by providing much needed jobs and work.

Just one last request, can you please share this with your friends and family on social media... Thank you so very much...


Krittrin Neetithamrangsri



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Nov 29

Would you like to Sponsor one of my Rescues?

Update posted by Krittrin Neetithamrangsri at 01:54 am

Hi again, I am looking for 25 Sponsors, one for each of my rescues. Each month I will send a short video and photos of what your puppy has been up to. The money will go to help support the costs in looking after the dogs, paying for things like,. . . . .

See update

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Lucia Opet
Krittrin Neetithamrangsri
raised of ฿100,000.00 goal
0% Funded
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No more donations are being accepted at this time. Please contact the campaign owner if you would like to discuss further funding opportunities